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Remember how I mentioned I like to tweak?  I’m a perfectionist and when something isn’t perfect I HAVE to fix it.  You asked for it and I’m fixing it!  I’ve been working like mad (and employing family too) to completely overhaul the website.

What does this mean?  A better user experience for you!   Patterns will be easier to find,  the layout is a lot cleaner so the instructions are easier to read.  You’ll be able to search for specific items.  It will look the same in every browser and the menu buttons work on every page!  It’s almost ready to launch!  I’m very excited to to show it off to you.

So I am sure that by now you guessed it.  No new tutorial this week (unless you want to learn how to trick out a new wordpress theme – but some how I don’t think the majority of you sewers are interested.)

The grand re-opening of Fleece Fun is coming soon.  In the interim the site as it is will stay up until I am ready to switch things over.   But it’s gotten to the point that I don’t want to keep updating the old site when the new one is almost ready to go.  Cross your fingers that I can make the transition smooth.


Fleece Fun is getting a facelift because of your support and input.  Thank you!

Angel Hickman Peterson

Angel Hickman Peterson

Creator, Editor and Author at Fleece Fun
Angel has a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies from the University of Utah, with a professional background is in film, television, radio and ad production. Angel currently divides her time between her small production company Angel Dawn Productions, her online sewing and crafting blog, her two little girls, baby boy, husband and on very good days also manages to get the dishes done.
Angel Hickman Peterson
Angel Hickman Peterson

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