Mad Hatter Tea Party: How to make a Paper Chandelier

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Today I am working on Party Decorations.  I thought it would be great to have a bunch of chandeliers hanging around.  Surely there must be a party supply store that have a bunch of paper chandeliers that I can buy.  After a ton of searching – I couldn’t find anything!  I could only find a shop on ETSY that sells gorgeous cardboard Chandeliers that are $40 +, a little out of my price range.    I know there are cricut cartridges out there that have a 3d chandelier – but I don’t want to buy one right now.  Then it hit me.  I do have a Cricut cartridge – Provo Craft Cricut Wall Decor & More Shape Cartridge that has a 2d chandelier – all I needed to do was make it 3d.

Here’s how to make a paper chandelier:

1. I cut out 4 of the chandelier pieces, and scored them down the center. (repeat on all pieces)

2.  I added bling with a glue gun. (repeat on all pieces)

3.  Fold the pieces in half, then glue wrong sides together, adding each pieces one at a time until all four pieces are added and glued together.  Add invisible thread to top to hang, also add the bottom jewel if desired.  And now you have an adorable decoration for your party.  I have a few hanging in my office…. I like them so much I might incorporate them in to the girl’s room decor in the future!

Angel Hickman Peterson

Angel Hickman Peterson

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Angel Hickman Peterson
Angel Hickman Peterson

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  1. I love these chandeliers! I am doing a Mad Hatter themed party for my little girl and would love to use these but I don’t have a cricut. Could I possibly purchase some cuts from you? And can assemble them myself?

    • Hi KG!
      I’m sorry but Cricut’s terms of use doesn’t allow me to sell it’s cuts over the internet – but I have a couple of suggestions for you. There are places that will rent Cricut machines and cartridges – just check out your local craft store and check around. Also many local scrapbooking buffs will rent out their collections or sell cuts locally (which is ok with Provo Crafts terms of service last time I checked). Just checkout local ads and to see if it’s possible. Best of luck with your party – if you would like you are welcome to post some pictures on Fleece Fun’s Facebook page –

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