7 things you need to know about working with cuddle fleece

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7 things about cuddle fabricCuddle Fleece is a wonderful fabric that is soft and luxurious.  It can be made into many beautiful things.  It also required special care and attention.  Here are 7 tips to keep in mind when working with this fabric:


 1. Most cuddle fleece is 1 sided.

Unlike it’s cousin polar fleece, cuddle fleece has distinctive right and wrong side.  Cuddle fleece should be lined with another material (like charmeuse satin) for comfort and to make it aesthetically pleasing.

2. It sheds like crazy.

When working with cuddle fleece you’re going to want to keep the lint roller handy.  All that plush goodness sheds where you cut it.  After cutting I recommend taking the pieces outside and giving it a good shake.  You may also want to wear an apron while sewing with it to spare yourself the cleanup.

3. You need to pin it ( a lot)

Some sewists like to brag about how they don’t have to use pins.  With this material you need to use pins.  It slides under the needle,  so for straight seams and limited heartache, pin it….. a lot!  Using pins will also force you to sew slower which can help limit issues.

4. You want a Jersey ball point needle.

Cuddle fleece has a stretch to it, it’s also slick, by using a ball point needle your stitches will stay even on the fabric.  If you forgo the next thing you should know (# 5) please, please use a ball point needle in your sewing machine to make your project successful.

5. You want a walking foot.

If you plan on doing a lot of sewing with cuddle fabric, a walking foot is worth the investment.  A walking foot is a special foot apparatus that makes it so the cloth has feed dogs feeding it on the top as well as beneath.   It makes it so the fabric can’t slide under the needle, and helps keep stitches even.  It gives also allows you to sew through thick sections of fabric with little difficulty.  It basically gives your machine super powers! It’s  a good tool for a sewist to have in her toolkit.  The downside to a walking foot is that it can’t handle turns, so you either have to sew a few stitches and manually turn the fabric yourself at gradual increments, or forgo the walking foot altogether for a curvy piece.

6. Watch the washing temperature.

One of the awesome things about cuddle fabric is that it has that wonderful texture and doesn’t need to be dry cleaned.  This is one of the reasons why so many moms love this fabric for baby blankets and items.  However you should never wash it hot as it can cause some of the fibers to melt resulting in losing its softness.   The same goes for drying the fabric, be sure to dry at a lower temperature for the fabric to keep its amazing texture.

7. It’s not just for babies.

While there are many wonderful patterns for babies out there this wonderful fabric isn’t just for them!  Treat yourself to some cuddle fleece goodness like this candy stripe scrunch scarf pattern, child cape or bow infinity wrap!

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  1. I would like to know where else you can purchase the cuddle fleece other than JoAnn Fabrics who only carry the basic colors, red, brown, black, ivory and white.

  2. Oh my. My bad. I was thinking silky furry fleece. that is what I had questions about. I do love working with the cuddle fleece you are referring to.

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