9 Tips for a Perfect Printable

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perfect printable#1 Use nice paper

If you choose to print from your home printer the paper you use can make a huge difference.  When printing don’t use your cheapo regular paper.  Spring for something nicer like photo or presentation paper.

#2 Check your printer  settings

Be sure to also change your printer settings to reflect the nicer paper as most printers adjust for different paper types.  You’ll get more intense colors when you adjust the paper settings for the proper paper.

#3 Take it  to the professionals

While your printer is nice it doesn’t hold a candle to the $30,000 printer at your local printing place.  So if you want top of the line quality for your printable take it to the pros.

#4 Watch your adhesives

Depending on how you print your items, you need to be careful what type of adhesives you use.  Odds are your at home color printer is ink – so stick to glue sticks and tape so ink won’t run .  For laser color copies  mod podge and other more wet adhesives will work, as they can take more abuse.

#5 Mind the elements

Even laser copies can only stand up to so much weather.  So if there’s a possibility of the printable getting rained on be sure to laminate it to preserve it.

#6 Store them nicely

If you take care and store your printable nicely they can be used year after year ( like this printable banner).  I like to store them in zip lock bag to preserve them and protect them in storage.

#7  Keep the aspect ratio

When printing  be sure that your setting are at 100% and not “fit to page” to avoid any aspect ratio issues.  Also trying to print something larger or smaller than it’s supposed to be ( like printing a 8 by 10 as a 5 by 7)

#8 Get them cheap

Check with your work and see if you can get discount ( or even free) color copies using their printer.

#9  Score them for free

There are tons of amazing printables online for free!  Do a quick search to see if you can find a free version of the printable that you’re looking for.  Like this mad hatter tea party, or drive in theater party, or valentines day, Christmas and thanksgiving., and Halloween.

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