Nesting the Nursery: Begin with a fresh coat of paint!

nurser web 1 Follow Me on Pinterest The First step I’m taking is to paint the nursery.  When we moved into this house the room was a green color.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again  I’m just not a green room person.  Especially solid green on every wall.  I’m all about the color accent wall and little more neutral   So here’s a glimpse at the ‘before” shots of the nursery.  The room is on the smaller side, but it is perfect for a cozy nursery.   My goal is to make a masculine nursery that can easily grow with our boy.  I don’t want to make it too cutesy  but I want to make it comfortable.  I am finally getting what my friends have been saying about there not being enough ” boy stuff” out there.  There is a ton of fun and frilly girl stuff, but not a whole lot for boys.  Well You can bet I’ll be sharing more fun boy themed items in the future!

I’ve got my colors picked out and my paint bought.  As a matter of fact I spent yesterday painting the room with my darling husband’s help.   I can’t recommend waiting until you are in your third trimester to paint a nursery.  Needless to say I am dog tired as I am writing this.  But I’m happy to now have a “clean canvas” to work with in the room.  I’ve also been working on some fun tutorials this week that I can’t wait to share with you.fleece fun nursery 2

Here’s a quick video of the before shots:

I do have to mention that I am starting to feel run down in my third trimester, and while I love working on this blog – I plan on slowing things down a little for my health and my baby’s.  Fleece fun is fabulous, but family and health  come first!  I will of course still be sharing fun patterns and tutorials, just not necessarily at the same pace as I have in the past.  I appreciate you patience with me.  But I have to honest at this point in the game if I have the choice between working on the blog or taking a nap – nap is going to win every time. =)

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