Blogging tips: My secret delight (what makes me feel better when I feel like I stink at blogging)

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There are days when I’ve had it.  I want to throw in the towel, call it quits, put a fork in it,  and just walk away.  I wonder why I chose this profession – why I chose the niche I did?  And why did I think I could do this?blogging tips my secret delight

I honestly believe that every blogger no matter how big or little feels this way every once in a while.  Different things might bring it on – a blogger featured on the news that has been blogging for 2 weeks and already has a million page views, a book contract and a regular spot on national TV.   A very simple ( and possibly stupid) tutorial gets a gazillion pins when your tutorial that took you a couple of weeks only gets 12.  Or maybe there’s that one blogger who has 25 kids, home schools them and still manages to get a post out daily with gorgeous pictures.  Or maybe your last tutorial had a huge mistake in it and you had to redo the whole thing (I had to re-edit my last video and re upload it THREE times before it was right).

While those examples of bloggers are a bit exaggerated – you know what I’m talking about.  There’s that blogger (or stat) that you want to keep pace with.   You have that goal in your head.  But then a couple of stinky monsters in your head start to nibble at your ankles.

“Maybe you’ll never get there.  The big blogs will just keep getting bigger” says the sad one.

“I bet she’s not making all her own content” says the green eyed one.

“You should just quit now – you can’t keep up.” they say in unison.

Here’s how I get those evil little monsters to shut up.  Go to your favorite blog – you know the big one with a gazillion followers and page views.  Now go to their very first post.  I mean the first post ever written on the blog.  And….it’s pretty banal.   OK now go to your second favorite blog and click all the way back through the pages to their first post.  Pretty lackluster, eh?   Read through the first month – bet you dollars to donuts that they didn’t post consistently.  How are their pictures?  Bet their photography has improved especially if the images are BP ( before Pinterest).  Although I will warn you some of the big blogs have been going back and putting better images in old posts – but most likely not their very first ones.

This isn’t to put down the big bloggers but to show you (and myself) that we all start somewhere.  We are all learning and growing.  If that big blogger can start off banal /lackluster and become the amazing blogger she is – well so can I – and so can you.  Bloggers can get burned out easily.  Part of the trick of building a blog is longevity – a trait most of the well known blogs have.

So next time you’re feeling low go and look at some early posts.   Tell those evil little monsters to put a cork in it – and get to work.  You have a post to publish!

Angel Hickman Peterson

Angel Hickman Peterson

Creator, Editor and Author at Fleece Fun
Angel has a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies from the University of Utah, with a professional background is in film, television, radio and ad production. Angel currently divides her time between her small production company Angel Dawn Productions, her online sewing and crafting blog, her two little girls, baby boy, husband and on very good days also manages to get the dishes done.
Angel Hickman Peterson
Angel Hickman Peterson

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  1. I know what you mean. When I did blog, I did let this get to me. And I succumbed to no more blogging, oh well! You know what though???? You are a big blogger. Maybe not in the numbers you want. But from the outsdie looking in, you have got it! I would have never known there was more to want 🙂 You are doing great!

    • Hi Kristy!
      Thanks for the compliments. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. Truth is there are days that I want to take over the world and days when I’m pretty content with where I am. I think the secret in the end is being happy with the work you’re doing, whether you get the page views or not. 😉
      – Angel

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