Americana Porch: Furniture

porch furniture 3

This week it’s all about furniture!  Finding the right furniture was a bit of a bear.   I wanted it to be comfortable but not too big so it would crowd the porch.  I also wanted it to be white to go with the trim.  And I wanted to be able to sit a lot […]

Spring Flower crafts, decor and recipes

spring flowers 5Round up montage

Everyone knows that April showers bring May flowers.  Here are over thirty ideas from crafts to home decor to recipes to bring the outside blooms into your home.  No need to wait for Spring to Sprung, just get crafting! Also if you easily to kill plants (I happen to have a remarkable talent at not keeping […]

Pattern review: Fun Fast Fascinator

how to make a fascinator

With spring coming into bloom and Easter on its way flowers are showing up everywhere!   These cute fascinators are now exception.   Perfect for Easter pictures these cute hair accessories are adorable on little girls!  The fun combination of tulle, feathers, satin and Russian lace are easy to assemble. This project is no sew. […]

Happy Thought Thursday – The B Crew

Fleece fun happy thought thursday

Being a parent is hard.  Some days I  wake up full of  good intentions,  I’m patient, loving and enjoying parenthood.  Then sometimes toward the end of the day everything falls apart.  The kids are hungry and tired.  My patience is wearing thin.  Bedtime cannot come fast enough.  It’s times like those that I wish I […]

Join the Handmade Artists Master List

handmade artists master list

When I tell people that I have a sewing blog almost every time the follow up question is “Do you have an Etsy store?”.  I think they are always a little surprised when I say no. It seams only natural that I would sew and sell my items.  But that would require time…. a rare […]

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