SNAP! Saturday: Meet Brandy


Hey everyone. I’m Brandy from BD Design, an eclectic blog filled with DIY projects, home decor ideas, thrift store makeovers, yummy recipes, and anything else that inspires me! I am really excited that I get to share a little bit about me and my blog with you guys today!   If a book were written about […]

SNAP! Saturday: Meet Steph


Happy Saturday everyone! I’m happy to be visiting Angel’s blog today and getting to introduce myself to you. I’m Steph, and my blog is Crafting in the Rain. My husband and I live in the Pacific Northwest with our 3 kids. I’ve been blogging over 3 years now, and over the years I’ve made some […]

The Changing of the Storms

welcome fall

Where I live the weather can be tempestuous.  We have a saying: “If you don’t like the weather,wait 5 minutes”.   Sometimes the seasons are  just as fickle as the weather.    Spring will arrive in a day, summer will stretch into October, fall’s glory will be a few short weeks before winter stomps on it’s […]

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