SNAP! Saturday: Meet Vanessa


It’s SNAP! Saturday,  where you get to meet different bloggers from one of my favorite conferences, SNAP!  Today you’re meeting Vanessa.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Vanessa few times at various blogging events (she had an awesome cameo in Alex Boye’s Cover of ROAR – see if you can spot her.)   Hey guys, […]

SNAP Saturday: Meet Cory


For the past two years I have had the best time going to a conference called SNAP! It’s geared toward DIY bloggers. It’s a great place to meet like minded people, make friends, and learn some new skills. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know my fellow bloggers and thought that you should get the opportunity […]

SNAP! Saturday: Meet Kimber


Hi Fleece Fun readers! I am Kimber from The Pinning Mama. Much like Angel, I love to create! I share my creations at The Pinning Mama. I am an engineer by trade but a hopeless right brain by practice, and most importantly I believe it doesn’t have to be hard to be great. So whether […]

Blogging tips: How to keep people from stealing your bandwidth and content.

blog bandwidth

It’s one of the biggest issues with DIY bloggers: stealing content.  As I’ve stumbled around in the blogosphere I’ve figured out a few interesting things about protecting content, and bandwidth.  Whether it’s in the form of a tutorial that’s just a little too close to yours or a site that blatantly scrapes your content, here […]

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