Fun Summer Day Camp for Kids (and Moms!): Explorers – free journal printable!

explorers feature

Add to your outdoor adventure with this free journal printable.  Fun to make it’s a great way for kids to chronicle their adventures.  Little one not writing yet?  Have them draw a picture.  Grab instructions and Fleece Fun’s Explorer journal here.  Fun Fact:  Did you know that explorers kept extensive journals of their voyages?  They would also sketch new flowers, animals and insects they found […]

Fun Summer Day Camp for Kids (and Moms!): Explorers!

explorers feature

This week it’s all about getting outside and exploring!  Everything is new to a kid and they love the idea of discovering new things! Explorer Day: Up and Dress:  Greet them as explorers.  Have them dress in comfortable clothing for being outside.  I got the cute pith helmet and binoculars at my local dollar store. […]

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