Mom’s Potato Salad Recipe

easy potato salad recipe

For the past two years I’ve been assigned the potato salad for a family event.  Confession:  I hate making potato salad!  Who the devil invented the potato salad?  Honestly this one SIDE dish takes more time than a dinner.  First you have to peel and cook the potatoes, then chill them.  Then you need to […]

Foodie Friday: Moist Cilantro Lime Chicken

cilantro lime chicken recipe

Warm weather is slowly creeping the thermostat up.  Which means grilling.  Yummy, grilled food that my husband makes!  This recipe is one of my favorites because of the fresh blend of flavors.  It’s also safe for my little one that has an egg/milk allergy – so bonus!  This chicken is best grilled.  It’s moist juicy […]

Foodie Friday: Easy Pumpkin Spice Cookies

easy pumpkin cookie recipe

My husband has a background in cosmetic formulating. He likes to use his mad formulating skills in the kitchen, which is why he likes to play with my mom’s “Baking Outside the Box” concept. During “pumpkin season” ( which is my husband’s favorite baking season) he like to create, with, you guessed it pumpkin. This […]

Foodie Friday: Easy Candy Corn Party Mix

easy candy corn party mix feature

This Mix is perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving. The best part is it’s dead simple to make ( just open bags, measure, poor, stir) and you have a yummy and different mix. My husband and I tested ( and tasted!) several different combinations of various snacks and candies to come up with this mix – […]

Foodie Friday: Easy Pumpkin Apple Cobbler

easy pumpkin apple cobbler recipe

My husband likes to call this time of year “pumpkin season”. It’s truly the season of dessert and dishes that are pumpkin. My Darling Husband likes to experiment with various pumpkin dishes through this time of year some are amazing ( like his pumpkin cheesecake) other have been a total fail (like the pumpkin pancakes […]

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