How to make a Baby Busy Tag Blanket

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I love this taggie baby blanket tutorial.  Looks easy to sew and a great DIY gift idea.You can make a cute ribbon baby tag blanket with cuddle fleece!  This easy step by step tutorial will show you how you can make on of these fun blankets.

For This Project you will need:

Remaining cuddle strips from kit (unfortunately this exact kit is no longer available, however a similar one is here.)

1/3 of cuddle fleece (or remaining from scraps can also use satin scrap)

Stretch needle

Walking foot

Rotary cutter, ruler and mat

Ribbons ½ yard of six varieties

Sewing Essentials (scissors, pins, etc.)

Sewing Machine

Disclaimer:  This is a paid for sponsorship by Shannon Fabrics.

 Video tutorial here, written below:

Step 1

pillow_032413_0169pillow_032413_0170taggie blanket how to0007Taking the remaining strips from the cuddle strip kit cut them to length.  In Example I cut four strips to  19 inches in length.  Be sure to save your scraps for future projects.  Cut the backing either from cuddle fabric or satin to match the front (taking into account a half inch seam allowance between the strips).  So for a back of 19 inch strips it would be 19 inches by 17 inches.  Cut ribbons to four inches in length, set aside.

Step 2

taggie blanket how to0001taggie blanket how to0002taggie blanket how to0004taggie blanket how to0006taggie blanket how to0008taggie blanket how to0009taggie blanket how to0010Assemble the front.  Sew the strips together using a half inch seam allowance.   Since the ribbons will be tugged on a lot we’re going to make them extra sturdy and sew them on  before we sew on the back.  Fold the ribbons in half and pin onto the edge of the cuddle fabric with  the tops facing inward.  Sew on using a half inch seam allowance.

Step 3

taggie blanket how to0011taggie blanket how to0012taggie blanket how to0013taggie blanket how to0014taggie blanket how to0015taggie blanket how to0017taggie blanket how to0020taggie blanket how to0021With right sides together and the ribbons sandwiched in-between add the backing to the blanket ( either  cuddle fabric or satin) and sew around with a half inch seam allowance with a three inch gap for turning.  Turn right-side out.  Sew the gap shut.  Then with a half inch seam allowance sew around the blanket with a serpentine or  other decorative stitch all the way around to set the blanket.

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