How to make Chalkboard labels

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Chalk Labels tutorial headerThese labels are a great way of keeping things labeled without having to commit to a permanent label.  They are easy to erase and switch out as needed.  I like to keep them on my “current” project boxes so I know where everything is that I am currently working on.

For this project you will need:

Wood plaques of different sizes ( available in the wood aisle of craft stores)

Chalkboard pain

paint brush or craft brush

White paint pen/ marker (optional)



Glue Gun and Glue

Step 1 – Sand and Paint

paint 2_010213_0475Sand the edges of the wood and paint one side with chalkboard paint with at least 2 coats

Step 2 – Add some decor

chalk tute0001After the plaques had dried.  Using a white paint pen I added some permanent decor to some of the tags – like place for a main title or other flourishes that wouldn’t erase off.

Step 3 – Attach to boxes

chalk tute0003chalk tute0002After all the paint has dried, take about an inch of Velcro and glue the hook to the back of the plaque and the loop to the box (or vice versa).  With chalk label as needed and attach to box.

Step 4 – Feel Organized

chalk tute0005Now you have you boxes labeled and you can adjust them as needed.  Look how organized you are!

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