How to make a fleece tie blanket

Gather materials


You will need to decide on what size of blanket you want to make.  You need to use blizzard or polar fleece.  no need to wash the fabric before making the blanket - better to do that afterwards.

Cut off the Selvage


It's the fabric along the edge that has a different texture or writing.  Cut it off with a rotary cutter, ruler and mat.

Layout the fabric


For demo purposes I'll have my square smaller than a typical blanket - but lay the two fabrics on top of each other - WRONG sides touching. hard floors and dining room tables are good work surfaces.

Cut out the Corners


There are different ways to finish the blanket.  We'll do the loop method. From each corner cut out a 6 inch square, you can measure this or use the template download on the "learn more" page.

Cut the strips


Using the free template, use it to line up along the edges and cut the strips on each side. (You can get the free templates by filling out the form on the "learn More" page)

Loop pull through


Loop the two strips that are sitting on top of eachother around your fingers and pull through.  Repeat with all the strips until the blanket is done. (More pictures and details on the "learn More" page)

Launder and Donate


Once completed be sure to launder the blanket before donating to charity or using.  Fleece tie blankets are a great comfort to people and are easy to make. (More pictures and details on the "learn More" page)