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Fleece Headband Ear warmer Free Pattern

By FleeceFun.com

By FleeceFun.com

Get the Free Pattern


Get the free pattern by filling out the form at the end of the tutorial.  Pattern comes in sizes baby to adult. Cut the pattern down to the line

By FleeceFun.com

Cut out the pattern


Place pattern on the fold and cut 1 of the fleece headband.  YOu can opt to make a double thick or reversible band as well and cut 2.

By FleeceFun.com

Turn under and Sew


Turn under a .5 inch and sew each side with a a straight stitch.  for a no sew option just glue it with fabric glue sticks

By FleeceFun.com

Add a Button


Add a Button hole and button to finish of the fleece earwarmer HEADBAND.