Mini Witch Hat

Gather the materials

Stiff felt makes for a great mini witch hat and can be found at your local craft store.  You will also need Fleece Fun's free templates (available in PDF and  SVG). Plus items to decorate the DIY hat.


Trace the Pattern

Trace the free template onto the felt (or cut it out with a Cricut and the SVG file).  You will need a brim, and cone. Be sure to save the circle that is the inside of the brim to help attach it to a headband later!


Glue the mini witch hat 

Carefully glue the no sew witch hat together.  Black glue sticks are perfect for hiding the glue! Before you add the head band be sure to decorate the hat.  The fun part!


Finish the mini witch hat 

Now that the Mini Witch Hat is decorated it's time to add the headband to the hat.  Make sure to leave space for the headband to flex. Also make sure that the glue has completely cooled before trying it on your head.