Fleece Eggs And Fleece Basket Pattern

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This Fleece Eggs And Fleece Basket Pattern is quick to make.  You can make Fun fleece eggs and basket that kids love to play with.
For the Basket
1/2 yard fleece or felt
Long strips of fleece or felt 1 inch by 30 to 45 inches
For the Eggs you will need:
scraps of fleece
batting (stuffing)
small jingle bells (optional)
Needle and thread

Download the free patterns here.

You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here. By downloading  you are agreeing to pattern terms of use. Click the picture of the pattern envelope to download the .pdf !

For the Eggs
1 – Cut out the pattern

Print up the pattern (you can get assembly instructions here – but there is not a need for this pattern.)

Cut out pattern pieces.  If you are making the simple or easy egg cut two – for the 3D egg cut three


2 – Begin to sew.


For simple Egg – With right sides together, stitch close to the edge (1/4) using outside of presser foot as guide – leave 1 1/2 inch opening for turning .
For 3 D egg – With right sides together sew 2 pieces together from top of egg to bottom of egg.
Tip: I like to mark where I will end my seam by using a different colored pins.

Now open up the egg and pin the third side of the egg to the two raw edge sides of the egg (right side facing in) be sure to mark a gap that is 1 1/2 long for turning.

Using presser foot edge as a guide sew around the egg – taking care not to catch material from the other side.  I like to start on the side of the egg, sew to the top, with my needle in the fabric flip the other side to the back and then continue down the other side  of the egg.


3- Turn, stuff add sound

Turn the eggs right side out add poly fiber filling (you could also use fleece scraps for filling).  Stuff to the firmness you prefer (I like them a little more firm) add a jingle bell to the center of the egg if you would like. (Kids love it when they make a little noise.


3 – Hand Sew closed


Usually I avoid hand sewing like the plague, but there really isn’t any way around this one.  If you are unfamiliar with hand stitching a seam shut there is an excellent tutorial here.


Soft Fleece Basket Tutorial
1 – Begin


Download,  Print up and assemble the pattern (you can get pattern assembly instructions here).

Cut out which basket you would like.


2 – Cut the long strips


You will need three long strips that are 1 inch wide to weave your basket (preferably of different colors).  Cut long 60 inch strips if you would like to add a handle to your basket. Then length needed of the strips can vary depending on how tightly you weave the basket.  It’s better to have too long a strip than too short.


3 – Pin and weave


Start by pinning the beginning of the strip onto one of the basket base arms – you will want the right side of the fabric facing away from you – you are looking at the inside of the basket.
Next weave over and under all the way around the basket – pining the strip to each arm until you get to where you started – overlap a little pin and trim strip.

With the next strip you add you want it to alternate with the one below it.  So if the pink strip  is under – the green strip should be over on the same arm.  Pin and go around until you have done this with three strips.

4 – Sew and Trim

Sew a straight stitch down each arm of the basket – securing the strips.  Trim threads and trim down arms if needed.  You now have a great soft basket for kids to play with that will store great!
If you want to add a handle take the left over strip pieces and gauging how tlong you want to be pin one end of the strip to one end of the basket and pin the other end of the strip to the other side – sew on and remove pins.


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