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This long hooded cloak pattern is easy to follow and is perfectly priced at free! It’s easy to sew up (honestly the longest part is assembling the pattern).  It has a couple of different lengths and is sure to add a little drama to any costume.

Free Sewing Patterns and Instructions:


  1. I just printed the pattern for 18″ doll pocket tee but there is no 1″ test square. Can you please explain what I should do?

  2. Thank you for the free hat pattern. It’s so cute! My question is, do I have to sign up for the newletter EVERY time I want a free pattern? I don’t see where I can get the Halloween hat patterns (ears, etc.) without signing up for the newsletter AGAIN. Very frustrating. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any assistance.

    1. Hi Genn, You won’t get multiple newsletters from me, just the pattern in the email. Yes I know it’s annoying but it keep site scrapers from stealing my work. Thanks for understanding.

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