Costume Patterns (free costume DIYs)

 love this collection of costume tutorials. There is something for everyone! Great costume ideas DIY. There are costumes for kids and adults and some amazing cape patterns.These free costume patterns can host an array of costumes and ideas.  Keep your kids warm with one of the Halloween Hat Packs.  Sew up a dramatic cape in under an hour.  Make a statement with and elegant mini hat.


Free Costume Patterns DIY tutorials Master Index:

Harry Potter Inspired Costume Patterns:

Harry Potter Inspired Wizard Robe

Costume PatternsPerfect for your little Hogwarts student this robe is the perfect final piece of the uniform.  Sizes 7 to 12.  Get the tutorial and free pattern here

Harry Potter Inspired Wand

Costume PatternsComplete your wizard look with a unique wand worthy of the front window of Ollivander’s.  Get the tutorial here.

Couture Style Witch Hat

This fa-boo-lous witch hat comes in sizes child and adult!  With it’s specially designed brim to make you look your witchy best.  Get the free pattern (with video) here.

Mini Witch hat ( 3 sizes)

This cute mini witch hat comes in three mini sizes so you can get just the look you want!  Comes with a FREE pdf pattern and SVG files! Get the tutorial with video here.

Disney Inspired Costumes:

Aladdin Vest

Costume PatternsThis vest inspired by the Disney’s 2019 Aladdin comes in sizes 2t to 12 for kids and Small to Extra Large in Adults.  That’s right everyone can dress as the diamond in the ruff.  Get the free pattern here.

Magic Carpet

Costume PatternsThis easy to make costume has sew and no sew options.  Plus it comes with an SVG file to make cutting the items a breeze on a Cricut Maker.  Also has a pdf pattern.  Get the tutorial here.

Star Wars Inspired Costume Patterns:

The Jedi DIY (with video)

jedi-diy-costumeThis tutorial includes a robe, vest, shirt and belt to make your little padawan into a full fledged Jedi.  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Princess Leia Costume

I love this easy sew Star Wars Inspired DIY Princess Leia inspired costume. It has a free sewing pattern - perfect for Halloween for a little girl.The princess who doesn’t need rescuing.  And can handle a blaster better than the rest of them.  Get the easy sew costume here.

Yoda Costume

Yoda costume tutorial and diy easyThis Yoda costume comes complete with a robe and hat.  Get pattern and tutorial free here you will.

Trolls Inspired Costume Patterns:

Really Big Troll Hair (with video)

Costume PatternsThis huge, troll hair is easy to make, lightweight and comfortable to wear! Step b step video instructions and a video tutorial make it easy. Get it here.

Princess Poppy Inspired Costume (with video)

Costume PatternsThis cute costume is an easy sew and comes together quickly!  Free pattern and video tutorial make it easy!  Get the tutorial and pattern here.

Branch Inspired Trolls Costume (with video)

Costume PatternsThis branch costume is only a  few seams and is perfect to go along with Poppy!  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Super Hero Inspired Costume Patterns:


Batman Cape Costume Tutorial DIY on Fleece FunThis easy to make cape and belt is perfect for your little dark Knight,  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Super Girl

115superman-30_editThis cape, belt and skirt will help you little super hero. Get the free pattern here.

Wonder Woman

Costume PatternsPerfect for your little girl to wear to school for a costume or any day! Get the tutorial here.

Easy Superhero cape

easy superhero cape tutorialThis superhero cape is fun, comfortable and can double as a blanket in a car seat.  The cap fits around the shoulders and not the neck for safety and comfort.  You can get the tutorial here.


Disney Princess Inspired Costume Patterns:

Moana Costume

Costume PatternsThis more modest (and warmer) version of the Moana Costume is easy to put together. Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Belle Costume

Costume PatternsThis classic Belle dress uses a pre made top to make sewing simple. Get the tutorial here.

Felt Tiara

Perfectly comfortable for your little princess and perfect for play time.  This felt tiara can be decorated different ways to give it different looks. (Get the free Pattern here.)

Snow Queen Jacket and Cape

elsa-cape-tutorialInspired by Disney’s Frozen this little jacket will help keep your little one warm ( the cold might not bother Elsa – but it might your kiddo!)  Get the free pdf pattern and tutorial here.

 Snow Princess Cape (with video)

You can make a cape that is inspired by Princess Anna's cape from Disney's FrozenInspired by Princess Anna’s Cape from Disney’s Frozen.   This adorable cape will make your little girl feel like the princess that she is.  Plus it will keep her warm while trick or treating!  Get the free pdf pattern and tutorial here.

Snow Princess Hat

princess anna hatThis hat is adorable and will keep your little snow princess warm!  Get the free pattern


Cape Patterns:

How to make a Cloak In 20 Minutes

Need a cute cape fast?  This tutorial doesn’t use a pattern. It just uses basic shapes for speed.  Get the step by step break down here.

High Low Hem Cloak (with video)

Costume PatternsThis cute cloak with a pixie hood has a beautiful shape and has a colorful lining for added character.  Get the free pattern, written and video tutorial here.

Long Hooded Cloak  (with video)

This full length cloak is dramatic, and surprisingly easy to make.  The perfect finishing touch to t a costume.  Get the free hooded cape 2Pattern and tutorial here.

Red Riding Hood Cape (with video)

Costume PatternsThis fun cape is versatile.  Works for boys and for girls – just swap the ribbons for a button to make more masculine.  Sizes child and adult.  Get the Free pattern and video tutorial here.

Easy Long Cape (with video)

Costume PatternsThis cape is easy to make. There are no sew and easy sew options to make this cape.  This cape also can be wrapped and worn in different ways to achieve different looks.  Wrap a belt around it to form sleeves, wear it loose and flowing, or tie the front behind your back for a unique look.  You can make it without the hood with out sewing anything!  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

 Fast Hooded Cape (with video)

fast long cape tutorial featureThis cape can be any length you desire and be made in under an hour!  Fast and easy it had a fun mid evil style hood for drama.  Get the Free Pattern here


Free Hat Patterns:

Halloween Hat Pack (with video)

Costume PatternsThis pattern is full of fun character hat variations that will look adorable on your little one!  Be a dinosaur, a viking, a cat or bear.  This pattern is simple and easy to sew.  The possibilities are endless! Sizes baby to adult.  Get the free pattern and video tutorial here.

Halloween Hat Pack 2

Costume PatternsThe latest addition to popular Halloween Hat pack!  Be a Owl, Bug, Puppy, Bunny, frog or Monkey!  Sizes Baby to Adult.  Get the free Pattern and tutorials here.

Halloween Hat Pack 3 – Monster Mash up

Easy fleece hat hh3This hat pack is all about the monster!  Mix and match elements to make your monster hat look the way you want it to look!  Get the free pattern here.

Unicorn Hat Pattern

Costume PatternsYes unicorns are real and can be spotted on a daily basis when you make this fun modification of the basic fleece hat!  Get the free pattern and tutorial here. 

Snow Princess Hat

princess anna hatThis hat is adorable and will keep your little snow princess warm!  Get the free pattern

Free Vest Patterns:

Fleece Vest

Oh my gosh! This child's fleece Vest pattern comes in sizes baby to 12 years and it's FREE! It looks really easy to sew too! Love this!!!This is the basic vest that is the base for the costume variations.  Cute, warm you’ll little one can wear it for Halloween and beyond!  Sizes 3 months to 12 years!  Get the free pattern here.

Vest: Tummies and Tales

I love this idea for an easy ( and warm) Halloween costume, plus the pattern is FREE. Love!Take the fleece vest to a whole new level by adding a tummy and tail to it to give it a warm Halloween look!  Get the free pattern here.

Vest: Adding Arms

monster dress up vest featureChange up the vest and make it pug or spider like with this modification to the vest!  Get the free pattern here.

Free Mini Hat Costume Patterns:

Mini Top Hat Patterns (with video)

This fun hat comes in multiple sizes of mini. Sew and no sew instructions available.  Get the free pattern and video tutorial here.

Mini Pirate Hat or Mini Tricorn Hat

Costume PatternsThis comes in different mini sizes so ou can get the right fit.  Whether you want sail the high seas or curtsy in court this hat will keep you in fashion.  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Classic Costumes:

Felt Crown DIY

This felt crown works for a number of costumes and is soft, but durable.  Get the free pattern ( with video)

Yummy Donut Costume

Costume PatternsThis costume is cute with sprinkles for added fun.  Get the free pattern here.

No Sew Knight Costume (with video)

no-sew-knight-costume-diyThis no sew knight is easy to make and perfect for your little hero!  Get the free template and tutorial.

Knight Helmet and Shield

Make this no sew helmet and shield with thees FREE SVG files! Get the full tutorial here.

Butterfly Costume DIY

butterfly-costume-DIYMake wings and a cute tutu for your little butterfly!  Free sewing pattern included.  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

How to Make a Fall Fairy Costume

fall fairy costume featureSimple in it’s design it makes for a fun and different costume.  Learn how to make the elements of this costume here.

 Finger-less Gloves (with video)

Costume PatternsThis pattern is easy, fast and adorable on little girls!  Comes in child and adult sizes.  Great scrap buster for leftover ruffle fabric.  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.




  1. I really, really love your patterns! I have quote a bit of fleece (small amounts) that would make a good cuddle cake quilt. Do you have the pattern for this or does it only come in the kits?

    Best wishes for you and your family – keep sharing your creative geniusj.

  2. Thanks. Could you tell me how you joined the squares? It looks unique and, in my opinion, really makes the pattern.

  3. Thank you so much for the fleece pants pattern. Your web sidte is nice. You have quite a talent and imagination to boost.

    1. HI janice,
      The pattern was sent to your email. Once you hit the pink button you downloaded a Zip folder. If you never recieved an email chekc your spam, and if you did hit the pink button in the email, check your downloads folder and unzip the file.

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