Free printable Drive in Theater Cars

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Make cute drive in theater cars with this free printable.These free printable drive in theater cars will make your drive in theater party!!

Turn your living room into a drive in theater with this free pritnable set courtesy of Fleece Fun!

What You’ll need:

A printout of the free car pdf (get that here)

Large box

glue gun and glue sticks


butcher paper (enough to cover the box – this is optional)

Crayons, markers, stickers to decorate the car

tape or blue stick ( to adhere the car printouts)

Check out the entire Hooray for Hollywood Series as well as other free Drive in Theater printables  here.

Step 1 – Prep the Box

If making box be sure to make the bottom for stability.  I used a diaper and a wipes box in the examples.  Fold down the top flaps and glue to the sides of the box with glue gun.  This will give the box top a nice “rounded” edge so kids will be more comfortable.

Step 2 –  Make it a clean slate

Using a few drops of glue , glue the butcher paper to the sides of the box, having some stick over the top so you can push it won inside the box ( so kids won’t get paper cuts)

Step 3 – Decorate

Let you kids decorate their cars with crayone, markers, stickers, whatever they want.  One the printables set there is blank license plate for them to personalize as well.

Step 4 – Make it awesome

Using a glue stick or tape, add the final elements to your car.  wheels, grill, headlights, linsense plates, doors, and tail lights. ( I don’t have a pictures because my girls were so excited I couldn’t put tape on them fast enough to keep up with them!)

Step 5 – Have a fun time Daddy-o

Have your kids take their cars to the drive in theater for some fun!

Tip: Stick a blanket under the cars in case of spills and mess. =)
Check out the entire Hooray for Hollywood Series as well as other free Drive in Theater printables  here.

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