Pattern Assembly

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Because you are printing the pattern from home, in most cases you will have to assemble parts of the pattern.

For Newer patterns:

Follow the map and assemble in order 1, 2,3, etc.  The grey lines overlap and should line up.  Tap together.  Then cut out patterns before using nice sewing scissors.  See video for more instruction

For older patterns:
On the second page there is a picture of what the completed, assembled pattern will look like (it’s at the top of the page so you’ll know it’s not the pattern).
The pages following that picture are the pieces to the pattern.
All of the pages overlap .5 inches.
At the top and bottom you will notice small lines ( _ I )these are guides to help you line up the pages.
Tape the pages together.
Because the paper you’ll be printing on is much thicker than the tissue paper of most patterns, I recommend pre- cutting the pattern with your paper scissors so you don’t dull your sewing scissors.
Now you’re ready to use the pattern! The great part is that you can just store these patterns and use them multiple times because they are so sturdy.

Pattern size Check

Download and print the pattern size check here – to make sure that the patterns are printing up correctly.

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Angel Hickman Peterson

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Angel Hickman Peterson

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  1. Hello, I am going to try and make the little red riding hood. I have printed the pattern and am about to assemble the pieces. The grey line that I am supposed to overlap throught the pattern is printed about 3 cm from the short side of the paper and about 1 cm on the long side, is this supposed to happen? I am a bit worried that my printer has made each picture smaller and that my pattern will be to small. I hope you understand what I’ve written.

    • Hi Anna,
      The pdf is designed for typical US paper which is 8.5 inches by 11 inches (215.9 mm × 279.4 mm). So if you are using a different paper size that can be a factor. There should be some white space between the gray line and the edge of the paper – I didn’t make it a full bleed ( color going to the edge of the paper) on purpose as most at home printers don’t have that capability. My guess is you are using a different paper size, but it’s printing fine. Just make sure that you are printing at 100%. Also be sure that you do not make it fit the paper or other options that can cause the ration to become skewed.
      Hope that clarifies!

  2. Hi, I have a few questions. I printed out the large Mad Hattar pattern, assembled it . Am I suspose to cut the pattern on the solid black line and what exactly does cardboard cut to line mean. Thanks

  3. I am making the Little Red Riding Hood cape and am curious about the tie. There isn’t a pattern piece for it. Am I to just use the remnants to create the tie from my own dimensions?

    • Hi Cathi,
      The tie – as mentioned int he directions is made from ribbon or elastic with a button. You can make the tie from scraps if you choose, but I don’t know if any would be long enough to make it look good.
      – Angel

  4. Hi, I am confused, i have printed and assembleed the pattern but unsure how to piece the cap together i can not get the 1 back and 2 front pieces to line up so they piece together good

  5. Angel,
    I am making the Thankful Apron. You have the pttern making the apron with a waistband. I want the waist band and also the belt that ties in the back.
    you have no instructions on how to add the belt. Do I just sew it to the bottom of the waist band ? I sent a note before to you but never got an answer. Sure would be nice to be able to chat with you to ask questions. I do not do twitter.
    Thank you

    • I am confused by what you mean by “belt”. If you are referring to the waist tie straps those are clearly mentioned in the tutorial. You cut two waist tie straps (mentioned in step 1), finish the edges (step 2) then add them at the appropriate time ( step 5). This is also mentioned in the video tutorial. If you could clarify on where you’re confused I will try to explain better.
      – Angel

    • The video says that if adding a waistband to cut an additional piece of the tie srap pattern and then trim to fit bodice section before attaching. The video is great! Even experienced clothing makers can learn a new and easier method now and then. I watch and enjoy many sewing and pattern making videos and have picked up a thing or two to make my sewing experiences easier. Happy Sewing!

  6. Hi Angel,
    I’m trying to make the child size red riding hood cape, but like Kay mentioned above I can’t seem to get the on back piece to match up win the front. Should there be two back pieces? Thanks.

  7. hi angel, i am making the thankful apron and have a question about the lining. when ironing under the bottom 1 inch do you fold it twice or just once. i did it once 1 inch and it doesn’t match up with the bottom of the bodice.

    • It’s supposed to hang down little bit from the bodice to give you some room to play when top stitch on the other side. Sounds liek you’re doign everything right.

  8. Thank you for all these lovely patterns..My daughter is now 30 weeks pregnant, and this excited Grandma is now able to make her some homemade items for babe, something stitched with love is always the best gift….

  9. Hello I am planning to make the Little Red Riding Hood Cape and I was just wondering how long each of the three different lengths are? Also are the lengths of material you have written at the start for the longest sized cape?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Kate,
      I’m sorry but I don’t have the length measurements on hand. Just assemble the pattern and hold it up to your shoulder to see about the length. Yes the fabric lengths given are for the longest cape.
      Good luck!

  10. I am wondering what type of fabric I should use to line a child’s polar fleece jacket I am making . . . any suggestions?

    • Hi Laura,
      Regular lining fabric will work great (like a silky satin). But I’ll be honest with you I don’t usually line my fleece items since the fabric is soft doesn’t unravel. I guess I’m lazy like that! 😉

  11. I really wish patterns were just put on line to print, not have to download and go thru PVF or whatever…. It gets very annoying and I don’t like downloading on my computer…..

    That’s just this old’ Broads’ opinion…

    • I am sorry for your frustration. Using a pdf file is pretty standard these days. Depending on how your computer is set up and what browser you are using you can print it off fairly quickly, just be sure you have a copy of Adobe pdf on your computer ( most computers come with it already loaded).

    • I wish the instructions were print friendly. I have very slow internet at my house. I go to my daughter’s house and use her computer to find and save patterns. Then I go home and print them. I watch the instructions but can’t always remember the steps (getting old here too Grammy Roo). But is is so very time consuming to save the instructions and it would take hours to upload them at home. Heh! How about print friendly instructions??? What do you all say?

      • Hi there!
        I’ve kept the pattern and the instructions separate on purpose to insure people will continue to visit the site – and not “grab the patterns and run”. This is how I am able to offer the patterns to you for free and still get paid. This is pretty much standard for most sewing blogs these days. You are welcome to copy and paste the instructions into a word document for personal use. But I’m sorry I won’t be changing the format of my blog anytime soon. =(

  12. Oh and Angel. I love your patterns. They are so lovely and easy to put together. Your instructions are pretty good. Wish the fleece pants were in bigger sizes. I am not too good at enlarging them. Something always is whack when I do. LOL.

  13. I have just found your site, and want to learn how to do the teen apron. I have had an unfortunate problem in down loading different tool bars. I already have Adobe, is there a way I can just get the pattern to open in Adobe without installing the PC Doc tool bar, as that almost ruined my computer.

  14. Thank You Angel for the wonderful fleece patterns! I could not make it thru Winter here in WA state without my fleece! I make blankets and coats for my dogs and cats too as well as us humans. We all appreciate the wonderful ability of fleece to keep us warm when the temps drop to freezing and below. You are Awesome for sharing the info and answering questions to get us all sewing!! Have a wonderful Holiday Season and know YOU are appreciated 🙂

  15. I am loving this website but for the life of me nothing happens when I choose to watch the tutorial to make the Child Large hat in the Halloween Hat Pack- just the plain hat. Help!
    Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us. Barbara

  16. Hello Angel,
    Thank you for the patterns and instruction. My name is Daniel, yes I am a man. I just bought an old White 262, it was so cool looking that I had to have it. It looks like classic car that has been restored. I’m not sure if that is a good enough reason to buy a sewing machine, but I did it anyway. I have done some sewing as the Supply Sergeant in the US Army, so I can sew a little bit. I live in Minnesota so I am going to make some mittens. My question concerns the grid on your patterns, does each square represent one square inch?

    My girls (2 and 3) love the fleece mittens, I figure I can put this old White to work.

    Thank you,

  17. Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing these patterns free of charge to us peeps who are a tad “creatively challenged” when it comes to drawing out patterns. 🙂
    I made the car seat cover for my 1st grandson, and it turned out just awesome!

  18. thanks for the pattern. I haven’t sewed in a long time but needed something for a party.
    Enjoy your family.

  19. I am teaching myself to sew. I am excited to try making something I think I can complete. Thanks for the free pattern. .

    I have retired and finally have time to relax and sew.

  20. Thank you so much for the pattern. I just finished the cape for my daughter. The pattern is very good. The only thing we changed are the shoulders. We made the silhouet a little rounder.

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