St. Patrick’s Day Clover Button Art Tutorial

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This fun and easy to make St. Patrick’s day button art is cute! I love this St. Patrick's day idea! Such a great DIYfor crafting and making decor for the holiday. With just a few items you can make clover that is the classic symbol of the day.  The Buttons and beads give it a fun dimension too.

For this project you will need:

8×8″ stretched canvas
Mix of green buttons and tiny beads
Hot glue gun/glue sticks
Scrap paper

St. Patrick’s Day Button Clover Art Tutorial

Step 1

Cut out 3 pieces of paper 4″ x 4″, fold in half, and cut out a heart on the folded line, making sure to cut from edge to edge so that your hearts is about 4″x4″


Arrange your hearts onto your canvas so that they make a clover, trace the outside edges, and hand draw the bottom stem of the clover

Step 2

Start carefully gluing your largest green buttons onto the clover, do not go outside your pencil line.
Then start filling in your smaller areas with your smaller buttons and begin layering then on top of your large buttons to make sure there are no open spaces.

Step 3

Now carefully fill in your empty spaces and outlines with your hot glue a little at a time and top with your tiny beads.
Let your clover dry completely, shake off any excess beads and display.

I love this St. Patrick's day idea! Such a great DIYfor crafting and making decor for the holiday.
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