6 tips for Family Tree Decorating Night

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Trimming the tree is one of those time honored traditions that welcomes in the Christmas season.

Why not make such a fun part of the holiday season a fun family event? There are so many friend, work, and school parties. Why not make a party that is just for your family to kick off the holiday season together. Here’s a few ideas to make your Tree Decorating family night one to remember:

1 – Let the kids be involved

I know, they don’t evenly space the ornaments. Or maybe all the red ornaments are on one side of the tree. Just go with it, you can always rearrange it after little ones go to bed.

2 – Get the extended family to phone in.

Grandparents live far away? Why not let them participate in the tree trimming party by a video call? Have Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles take turns Facetiming/Skyping/Google Hangouting and sharing some of their favorite Christmas memories.

3 – Tell your kids the stories behind the ornaments.

We all have at least one (maybe several) ornaments that hold special meaning to us. While you decorate, tell the kids a few stories about why certain ornaments are special to you. It’s a great way to bond and build memories.

4 – Family Dance Party

While you’re decorating don’t forget to pump up the volume of your favorite Christmas classics. Free services like Pandora and Spotify have some great holiday music mixes. It’s a good way to help really little kids feel involved. Or you can mortify your teens by busting out your running man.

5 – Have the kids make an ornament for the tree

Around Christmas time there are a ton of ornament craft kits you can buy – plus there are a bunch of ideas on Pinterest. Have each kid make an ornament. Be sure to write their name and the date on it so it can be appreciated for future Christmases to come!

6 – Make some fun treats

Nothing says party like some special snacks. You can find a bunch of recipe ideas for the holidays at pinterest.com/Nabisco. If you are trying to keep things on the healthier side this year I found this recipe for Holiday Italian Veggie & Cheese Dip courtesy of Nabisco. It’s yummy with a ton of veggie goodness. The Holiday Italian Veggie and Cheese dip is perfect paired with Wheat Thins Toasted Chips.

With just a little planning you can make a family gathering that is fun, festive, and a tradition that you’ll look forward to year after year.

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