Ladies Kimono Robe Tutorial (free pattern)

This comfortable robe is perfect for a selfish sewing project.  I love this kimono robe sewing tutorial. There is a free pattern . Great DIY idea.Make yourself a little something that is beautiful, comfortable and easy to wear.  This robe is only a few simple seams and can be easily completed in an afternoon.

Quite a few years ago my sister gifted me a large length of fabric that a friend brought back from India. The beautiful black, burgundy and gold border print is designed to be sewn into a sari, but I wouldn’t have anywhere to wear a sari, so the fabric sat in my sewing space for quite a few years.
One day I had the perfect idea: a kimono style gown! I’m often up in the night with kids, and having something light that I can quickly throw on is very convenient. The beautiful silky fabric also feels wonderful against my skin and wearing something pretty always makes me feel better, even when I’m up at midnight with my baby! The pattern is drafted with an overlapping front and kimono, or cut on, sleeves. The sash ties at the waist and is threaded through belt loops so that it doesn’t get lost. I’ve drafted the pattern for a ‘one size fits many’, and will fit approximately sizes 4-14. If you are not lucky enough to have a length of sari fabric, it can also be made out of any light weight fabric. You could use a lightweight breathable cotton voile for summer, or a semi sheer silk for some attractive lingerie!

For this project you will need:

2 1/4 yards lightweight woven fabric, 60″ wide

Sewing Essentials (scissors, pins, etc.)

Ladies Kimono Robe Tutorial:

Step 1 – Cut Out The Free Pattern

You will need to assemble the free pattern.  For instructions on how to assemble the sewing pattern click here.

Cut 1 Back on fold and 2 Fronts (mirror images). The Front and Back are on the same pattern piece to conserve paper. You can trace them off separately, print off two copies, or just fold the front part out of the way while you cut the back and vice versa.

Cut 2 Belt Loops

You will also need 1 strip of fabric 4″ high and long enough to go around your waist and tie.

Step 2 – Begin to Sew

All seam allowances are 1/2″. Finish off raw edges of seams with a zigzag stitch or a serger.

Make belt loops by folding piece right sides together so that long edges touch. Stitch.

Turn right side out with a safety pin.



Step 3 – Add the loops

women-kimono-tutorial-02Baste raw edges to the right side of the Back as shown. A notch on the pattern shows the placement.

Step 4 – Sew the sides and finish the edges

women-kimono-tutorial-03Sew shoulder seams, right sides together.

Sew underarm seams, right sides together. Clip to seam at underarm.

Fold neckline and front edge 1/4″ to the wrong side, then 1/4″ again. Press. Topstitch hem in place.

Fold bottom edge to the wrong side by 1/4″, then 1″. Press. Topstitch hem in place.

To create a belt, fold long strip in half, right sides together. Stitch.

Turn right side out. Finish raw edge by folding under short end by 1/4″ and 1/4″ again, then topstitching.

Get the Free Sewing Pattern Below:

You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here. By downloading  you are agreeing to pattern terms of use. Click the picture of the pattern envelope to download the .pdf !