5 Ways to have a Fun Family New Year’s

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Last year we had a blast at our New Years Party. It’s hard to get a sitter for New Years. A lot of sitters want to go to their parties, and it’s a really late night gig. So making your New Year’s celebration for the entire family eliminates the need for a sitter and is more fun for the kiddos.

family friendly New Years

Grab the photo booth picture right when they walk through the door.

As the night wears on kids get cranky and sleepy, get that cute photo of them when they’re excited for the party and wide awake. We had our photo booth in our stair well right next to the front door, so we would greet out guests, snap a photo of them and usher them into the party.

Keep the food simple

For food we had a bunch of fun appetizers that anyone would like. We had nachos, pizza bagels, little smokies. Easy to make Items that adults and kids would like.

Have activities for all ages.

We planned some games for the little kids to play early in the evening (again when they were happy) we then turned on a movie in another part of the house and had a few games for the adults to play. Minute to win it games are easy, fun and they have a ton of free ideas on their website.

Have a balloon drop

I have to say that this was pretty fun. We took a couple of plastic table cloths, “sewed” them together using ribbon, and then taped it to the ceiling and filled it with balloons and streamers. At “midnight” ( see below) we pulled the ribbon rip cord and sang Auld Land Syne.

Decide when it’s “Midnight”

I’ve got little tykes so we decided midnight was around 9:30. It makes it so the kids still get to stay up late, but without having to deal with major melt downs or zombie children in the morning. Besides it’s always midnight somewhere right?

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  1. what a grand idea, to have “midnight” be at 9:30pm!! My kids normally go down by 8:30 so staying up till 9:30 pm would be a late night for them and a fun idea to celebrate the New Year. Your right, its midnight somewhere! Too late for this year but I think I will get my planning going and do this for 2015. I love the balloon drop idea, a photo booth idea and make them take the picture at the front door area so that “its done” and of course they can come back for more picture opportunities but at least you get one done. Is it too early to be excited about the next New Years Eve party? You have some amazing ideas, thank you for sharing your creativity!

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