7 Rainbow Party Decor Tips

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I like to alternate big party years for my kids. Last year it was my little girl Alexandria’s turn. ;For her theme I decided on a Rainbow “Sweet Shoppe”. Here are some tips and tricks I picked up while decorating for her party.

rainbow party decor tips
Use neutrals to make the rainbow colors pop

Rainbow colors can get overwhelming very quickly. I used black and white neutrals to make the colors pop. For the display table I used my black and white damask photo back drop and a black and white sign. The clear glass jars, let the color in the candy pop, add sparkle but are neutral.

Reinforce the rainbow look.

rainbow party decor tips bagsWhen possible arrange your colors in “Rainbow order” (Red, Orange, Yellow, green, blue, purple) to keep the color palate orderly looking. I did this with the curtains on the backdrop ( yes that’s fleece) and on the table with the goody bags. I found some cute pinwheels at the dollar store that also was in rainbow order.

Use candy as décor

rainbow party decor candyI filled up a trifle bowl with gum balls and then suck a bunch of lollipops in them as fun way to add interest and color to the candy display.

Give height to your table

rairainbow party tableI used some inexpensive hat boxes that were a neutral black to add height and give some variety to the table scape. It gives some difference in the height and is simple enough so it doesn’t distract from the candy and color.

It doesn’t have to be matchy, matchy.

rainbow party jellybeansAs a matter of fact it’s better if doesn’t match. I used some apothecary jars and other fun display jars that I have. But also mixed in some fish bowls, a vase, a trifle bowls, cake stand, and Pyrex bowls. Basically as long as it was glass and had clean lines it would work.

Try to reuse décor

paper chandelierWhen decorating I reuses the chandeliers I made for my other little girl’s Mad Hatter Tea Party. Some of the goody bags were also leftover from that party. I also made these cute candy lanterns ( lanterns wrapped in cellophane and tied on either side with rainbow ribbon). I made sure that the lanterns could be easily disassembled and stored to be used at a future party. Same thing for the flags that hung from the ceiling, I try to save and reuse décor whenever I can. Not only does it save money, but it makes future parties easier.

Use your white – and lots of it

rainbow party popcorn tableCandy is bright on its own. By using a white table cloth it allows the bright candy to pop. Don’t make the candy compete with a colorful table cloth it will get lost in the shuffle. On our popcorn/ drink table. I again used a white table cloth and large white bucket to let the drinks and popcorn items add the color. This keeps you tables’ look clean and bright.

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