About Angel Hickman Peterson

I am a work at home mother of two beautiful girls and two boys. I’m married to one of the most understanding men on the planet, who has given me the most amazing gift: a room of my own to create in.

I was taught to sew and pattern draft by my mother. One of my favorite memories is spending part of a summer making rag dolls with her, our two sewing machines working side by side.

With a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies from the University of Utah, my professional background is in film, television and ad production. While I love all things creative, (scrapbooking, photography, interior design) sewing is my creative comfort food. Being a slow sewer, I prefer to sew items for family and friends and share my patterns for others to enjoy.

I like anything to do with technology, if it involves computers and gadgets I’m interested. Pattern drafting and blogging became a full time hobby when I realized that I could meld the comfort of sewing with my love of computer technology and programs.

My designs tend to be on the classic side. I like clean lines with a tailored look – like all my favorite old movie stars from Hollywood’s golden era. Once in a while I like to make something whimsical, but I love a classic look.

My goal is to encourage others to dust off their machines and teach a new generation the joy of sewing and giving handmade gifts.

I currently reside with my husband, two girls and 2 boys in northern Utah.

You can see where my work and Fleece Fun has been featured here.

You can contact me directly at angel(at)fleecefun.com


  1. Thank you so much for this pattern. I’ve made the hat today and embroidered it with Bluebells . You can see the little hat on my blog this evening.

    Thanks again, Sally 🙂

  2. Hi Angel,

    I wanted to download the boutique pants pattern for girl and doll, but when I tried to do it, my internet security system said your website might transport malicious malware and although your website looks incredibly helpful, I’m nervous to override and download. Is there any other way I might get this downloaded?


    1. Are you clicking on the pattern envelope or the ad? You need to make sure you are clicking on the pattern envelope labeled Doll pants and not an ad. Every time you willingly download a file to your computer you are at risk. My computer warns me this every time I download a pdf regardless where is came from. Just be sure you are clicking on the pattern envelope and not an ad and you’ll be safe.
      – Angel

  3. A big hello from Cyprus!

    With this little note I would like to express my big thanks to you. Thanking you for offering all these for free which for me as a mum of three girls it is a big gift. It is amazing how you can handle your One Woman Show.
    You are just doing terrific job.
    Keep up!
    Warm regards
    Yanna Michaelides

  4. I just found your site through Sew It All Up. What a great blog! Your projects are beautiful. Thank you for your time in creating these wonderful FREE patterns.

  5. Thank you so much for putting these patterns on the internet. I have transformed them into two my little pony hats for two very happy grand-daughters for Halloween. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your patterns and talent!!

  6. Angel,
    Not only am I making a couple Halloween items (and already have requests for next year), but I know what I’m doing for Christmas gifts, too!!!!

    Keep ’em coming – I’ll be watching ♥

    Angel Z
    (Yes, there’s another one out there)

  7. THANKS for your pattern…I revised it to incorporate sheep ears, and used it for 30 preschooler sheep in a Nativity play. I appreciate your FREE pattern and for inspiring me. 🙂

  8. Hi Angel. I just have to let you know how I used your “Back to School” skirt…besides making one for my granddaughter. I help with costumes at our high school for theatre productions, and your skirt was part of Lord Farquaad’s costume in “Shrek: The Musical”. It turned out great, and everybody loved it. If I knew how to post a photo to this comment, I would. Thanks again for the great pattern!

  9. Hello, I am a big fan of all of your work. I am currently trying to make a long cape and I want to try to make a pair of mittens but they seem really hard. You should make a pattern for pants for older kids like teenagers. Great patters!

  10. Angel,
    Thanks so much! I changed your pajama pant pattern so that I could make a pair for myself. I absolutely love all of your patterns. They are all wonderful! Thanks again!


  11. Hi, I love all of your free patterns and am thoroughly enjoying teaching my 3 little ones the joys of creating! I was wondering where you get all the fabulous fleece prints from? We’re in the uk and I can’t find anything as lovely as your prints. Could you point us in the right direction please? Thank you from over the pond!
    Shelly x

    1. Hi Shelly,
      If you’re comfortable shopping online is always a good way to find more variety. Amazon carries fabric I also know fabric.com does international shipping.
      Hope that helps,

  12. Visiting you for the first time today after following a Pinterest post (it all started with the adorable Halloween hats, I was hoping to find a Fox one)…and now here I am checking out all of the great stuff you have shared!! I haven’t sewn in years, I stopped when my children were young and just have never picked it back up. It was just so therapeutic I don’t know why I’ve not gotten into it again. But after visiting Fleece Fun…Im pretty sure I’ll be dusting off the sewing machine and making up some things for my Grandkids & myself for starters!! I do believe the internet & sites like yours are going to make sewing a whole new experience!!

  13. Dear Angel,
    Thank you for the great top hat patterns. I am dressing some little skeletons and found you through Pinterest.
    I watched the video too. As a retired senior citizen, crafting is keeping me sane. Being able to find your patterns for free fits into my squeaky tight budget.
    Again, thank you.
    cecelia cole

  14. Thank you so much for posting such awesome patterns.

    I am hoping to make the Princess Poppy (Trolls) dress for my 3 year old. Is there a printing hack I can do to get the pattern in a smaller size?

    Thank you

  15. New to your site. Will be making some of your posted projects. Sincere thanks for free patterns. Really enjoyed looking at all your beautiful projects.

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