All Americana Star Pillows – Free Patriotic Pillow Pattern

This free patriotic pillow pattern can set out all summer!  I love these ragged patriotic star pillows! The free pattern and instructions are awesome. Plus she has a video tutorial to walk me through it. Great summer sewing DIY project idea!You can make a great looking star shaped pillow that adds color and style to a room.
For the Pillow:
Printed and assembled .pdf pattern
1/4 yard of five different fabrics (cotton and flannel work best)
1/3 to 2/3 yard of fabric for backing, center star and side pieces (again cotton or flannel)
stuffing (batting for fill)
button (optional)
needle and thread
Washer and dryer for ragging

Sewing Essentials (scissors, pins, etc.)

Download the free pattern here.

You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here. By downloading  you are agreeing to pattern terms of use. Click the picture of the pattern envelope to download the .pdf !

Full video tutorial here,written tutorial below:

1 – Cut out the All Americana Star Pillows – Free Patriotic Pillow Pattern


Print up the pattern (you can get assembly instructions here . Cut out 1 of each of the pattern pieces.

In addition to the pattern you will need to cut a 3.5 by 78 inch long strip for the five point star (you will need to sew a couple pieces together ).  A 3.5 by 64 strip for the star in star pattern. Tip: Be sure to leave the pattern pieces pined to the cloth until you are ready to sew  – that way you can tell which piece is which.

2 – Begin to sew


Because we’re going to rag the cloth you will pin wrong sides together  and sew  using a .5 seam allowance

For the 5 point pillow: be sure that the very center of the star is closed after sewing the pieces tog
ether. (Click on gallery pictures below for more visual detail).Star in Star: Sew the outer pieces together and then sew the star in the center (Click on gallery pictures below for m
Both stars:  Once the frontore visual detail).is assembled pin the side piece on to the front (again

Tip: while you can sew one continuous line around the star – I recommend sewing from point to point rather than trying to turn at the top of each point.  So basically you will sew 5 lines instead on long continuous one. wrong sides together). Then sew around the star.


3 – Pin and sew back of the star


Both Pillows: Sew a short section 3-4 inches at a .4 seam allowance on the side cloth and then on the backing – this is to preserve the fabric at the baking when you rag the pillow.

With wrong sides together pin the back of the star onto the pillow – but this time be sure to leave a 3 inch gap for turning and stuffing.  Sew together using the same seam allowance that you used on the front of the pillow. trim threads.


4 – Ragging

Both pillows: Go along each of the seams and cut little slits along all of the seams, about .25 inch (or less ) apart

Then toss into the washer, once maybe two times to get the fabric to fray – then dry in the dryer to finish the ragging process.

5 – Final Steps

Stuff  to desired firmness ( I like it to be a little more firm so it can stand better without sagging.)  Hand sew or machine sew the opening shut.  If desired sew a button onto the center.


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