Avengers scavenger hunt – free printable!

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Let’s be honest Super heroes are awesome. They have super powers, fight evil and save the world from total destruction. They are strong, agile and smart. I think this is why they appeal to boys and girls. We all want to be those things. Superheroes are for everyone.
With the MARVEL’S The Avengers: Age of Ultron movie coming out soon. I thought that it would be fun to have a little fun Avenger’s scavenger hunt with my girls.
I packed everyone in the car and headed out to Walmart to get a few things for my scavenger hunt. They have all kinds of toys in the toy aisle for the Avengers . I grabbed a cute scooter , some iron man kites, some Avenger’s stickers and a couple of avengers t-shirts. avengers for post in shop
While shopping I couldn’t find any girl Avengers t-shirts. So I grabbed a couple of these cute green tanks. avenger shirtMy girls looked at me a little skeptical “Mom those are BOY shirts.” I told them not to worry. I had some ideas on how to make them less boy like – after all.. POW! BANG!avengers dress Sewing is my super power! I just added a few things to “girlify” the shirts.

For the scavenger Hunt I had the girls dress up in their new dresses and gave them the first envelope to get things started.avengers envelopet I told them that they were Avenger’s recruits in training and had to complete several tasks to prove that they could join the avengers. Avengers clueFirst up was showing speed and agility on the scooter. I had them ride around on their avengers scooter. You can make a quick obstacle course with rocks to weave around, etc.avengers scooter

Their next task was to show their flying skills like Iron man and Falcon. We took the Iron man kites and the girls flew them around – they really like this part.avengers fly kite

aavengers hangNext up was proving their strength like Thor and the Hulk by hanging from the playground equipment. Thank goodness for leggings!avengers snack 2

Then it was time to spot their snack that I had put somewhere in the park.

avengers snackYou can get a free printable to make your own scavenger hunt here that includes an envelope and plain note. Write your messages on it and decorate it with stickers and you are ready to go!

My girls had fun with the scavenger hunt. I knew they would. They’re the type of girls that have skirts and skinned knees. They are a wonderful combination of softness and strength.

You can play along right now by downloading the app Super Heroes Assemble that’s available in the iTunes and Google Play store.

I personally love action movies. I love how they represent the concept of standing up for others, and working as a team. It’s not surprising that girls like super heroes. We’re smart, athletic, and agile. We are super heroes, after all women save the world every day.

avengers final

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  1. That is a pretty stinking awesome super power – I wish sewing was my super power! Your girls are awesome and so are you! What a fun way to get amped for the movie to come out! #client

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