Drawing the line with your craft and sewing projects

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It dawned on me the other day while I was surrounded by tissue paper, I am insane. I was making decorations for my husband’s 30th birthday, in addition to the posters I laid out and printed, the t-shirts I designed and made, the video I edited, and the other decorations I had bought. As if this were not enough, I was making a few decorations by hand. What is my problem? Why couldn’t I draw a line and say “That’s it! No more!”Hi my name is Angel and I am a Craft-aholic.Being a craft-aholic is an easy thing thanks to the world wide web. Craft and fabric Etsy stores abound. There are amazing craft blogs  available at a keystroke. For someone with my problem this only adds to my issues. To save myself and my  friends I have come up with seven things you can do to keep your craftiness in check.

1. Have a current project box.

When you aren’t working on the craft put it in the box, so it is up out of the way so little ones can’t mess with it and you won’t be distracted by it.

2. Plan your crafts.

When you shop make a “grocery” list and stick to it. I don’t care how cute that scrapbook paper is or the fact that it’s on sale. If it’s not on the list it doesn’t exist. Put it down and keep walking. And much like the advice of “never grocery shop when you are hungry” – never look at Pinterest just before you go to the store.

3. Buy it on sale.

If it’s not on sale or you don’t have a coupon – wait until it is. Trust me it will be good for you. It will make you plan better (see step 2) and it will limit what’s in your cart. But note – just because it is on sale doesn’t mean you should buy it. It has to be on your list, and for a specific project.

4. Draw a line.

Someone’s birthday suddenly pop up? You didn’t plan on it, but you could maybe squeeze in time to make a bead watch… You’ll just sleep less. STOP! Don’t stress yourself over it, buy them an iTunes gift card and forgive yourself.

5. Donate,Recycle, Toss.

Watch TLC’s “Hoarders” once a week. This show is like watching a car wreck – it’s terrible but you can’t pull your eyes away. After watching it I guarantee you’ll be motivated to clean and shed the excess in your craft space. That 8.5 by 11 teddy bear scrapbook paper from 1997 is never going to be used. Let it go. Actually anything that hasn’t seen the light of day in the past 3 years needs to go. Donate to a local center such as: hospital crafting groups, old age homes, youth centers, local churches, etc. If you can’t donate, recycle it. If you can’t do those toss it. I won’t tell anyone.

6. Ask yourself – is this fun?

Crafting should be a pleasurable hobby. If you are stressing yourself out over not having all the flower decorations made for your little girl’s birthday party, you’re not having fun. STOP making flowers, buy some streamers and balloons and be happy. Your little girl won’t notice the change in decor, but she will notice her mother’s mood.

7. Set a time limit to your craftiness.

It’s more important to spend time with your child than it is to make a whole amazing scrapbook of them. Put down the camera or the glue gun and play with them. It’s far better to make memories than it is to preserve them.

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