Easy Baby Burp Cloth Tutorial

I love these fast and easy burp cloths you can make for baby. Great easy sew tutorial. Wonderful DIY idea for the nursery!These burp cloths are fast and fun to make!  If you want to make something quickly for a baby shower these are great.  They also are simple enough to be a good first sewing project.

For this project you will need:

5 Inch Strips of Cuddle Fabric (unfortunately this exact kit is no longer available, however a similar one is here.)

Package of Cloth diapers (I used birdseye 6 ply)

Rotary Cutter, ruler and mat


ribbons, ric rac (optional)

Sewing machine

Walking foot

90 stretch needle

Disclaimer: Shannon Fabrics provided the cuddle material free of charge to use.

Sewing Essentials

Here is the video tutorial, full step by step picture tutorial below:

1 – Wash the Cloth Diapers!

So many tutorials skip this crucial step.  I know it’s tempting those diapers come out of the package so nice and flat.  Don’t fall for it!  Wash and them hot and dry them hot to get them to shrink up to their actual size.  Burp cloths after all will be washed a lot!  So do your self a favor (or the person you’re giving it to) and wash those cloth diapers.  They will come out of the dryer a little lumpy and wrinkled  but a quick pass with the iron will fix that. The Cuddle fabric doesn’t need to be  washed ( it doesn’t shrink) so you can just get started.

2 – Cut the Cuddle strips

031413_0363031413_0370031413_0372The strips in the kit come at the perfect width so all you need to do is cut the length.  Using your rotary cutter, ruler and mat, cut the strips the length of the diaper.  If desired you can cut up the strips to make a multi colored strip down the cloth ( be sure to take into account a half inch seam allowance), or keep it simple and just use one solid strip.

3 – Sew on the Strip

031413_0387If you are making a cloth that has several colors on it, sew them together using a half inch seam allowance.  Then, Using a walking foot ( good practice for other Cuddle projects, but not absolutely necessary to complete this project) and a 90 stretch needle, sew on suing a Serpentine stitch along the edge of the cuddle.  Sew along all four sides, trim your thread and you’re finished.

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