Easy block pillow tutorial

I love this easy to follow block pillow tutorial. It's a perfect soft pillow to decorate the nursery ( or any room) with. Great DIY sewing tutorial with a video.This cuddle pillow is cute and easy to make.  This is part of the “Nesting the Nursery” series where I take a cuddle strip kit and a few extra materials to make several items for baby!  You can see all the fun tutorials and videos offered in this series here.
For this project you will need the following:
Shannon Fabrics cuddle strip kit (unfortunately this exact kit is no longer available,however a similar one is available here.)
Less than ¼ yard Cuddle for Backing
Rotary cutter ruler and matt
Thread scissors
Pillow or pillow form
Waling foot
Ball point needle

Sewing Essentials (scissors, pins, etc.)

Disclaimer:  This is a paid for sponsorship by Shannon Fabrics.

No pattern needed but please be aware of terms of use, tutorial below.

By reading you are agreeing to pattern terms of use.

Video Tutorial Here, Written Below:


Easy block pillow tutorial

Step 1

pillow0003pillow0002pillow0005pillow0002Determine the size of pillow you wish to cover. Please note that the larger the size of pillow you cover the less fabric you’ll have for the remaining projects in the sew along. Be sure to save your scraps as we will be using them.
Measure your pillow and divide by 4 that will equal the number of blocks you’ll need to cover the pillow. Then times by 2. So for a 16 inch pillow it will by 4 by 4 blocks.
The cuddle strips are 5 inches in width, cut them to 5 inches in length. Arrange in the order you wish them to be.
For the back cut it the length of the pillow plus 1 inch and half the width plus 3 to 4 inches. So for a 16 inch pillow I will cut two 17 inch pieces by 12 inches

Step 2

pillow0007pillow0008pillow0010pillow0016pillow0017pillow0020Assemble the front of the pillow. Begin to assemble row by row. Pin two blocks together and sew together using a .5 inch seam allowance. Continue until you complete 1 row, in this case 4 blocks across. Repeat with the remaining 3 rows. Then sew the rows together to form the front. Trim threads

Step 3

pillow0021pillow0022Prep the back. You don’t have to finish the edge of cuddle fleece so I am leaving one side unfinished ( since it will be hidden) Turn under the once side one inch and sew down using a zig zag stitch along the edge.

Step 4

pillow0023pillow0027pillow0028pillow0030Bring the pillow together. With right sides together pin the pillow back to the pillow front. Make sure the pillow back with the finished edge is on the bottom. Note that the back should over lap in the middle to form the envelope.Sew all the way around using a .5 inch seam allowance. Snip threads, turn right side out and insert pillow.


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