FAQ’s for Fleece Fun

Q: Why do I need a special program to open your pdfs?

A.  You don’t.  You only need Adobe reader – it’s the ONLY reader I recommend.  You have mistakenly clicked on an ad.  

Q: Could you send me the patterns in the mail (snail mail)?

A: I’m sorry but I cannot send you the patterns in the mail for a couple of reasons: 1. That’s a lot of paper and postage – it’s way too expensive for me. 2.  I don’t have the time to fill “pattern orders” – that’s why I have it online!

Q:Why can’t I pin?/ Why can’t I pin whatever I want?

A: You can pin – you just need to use the “pin it!” buttons that are provided.  They are usually found next to the image at the top of the page, or if you hover the mouse over the main picture a “pin it” button will appear.  The reason you can’t pin whatever you want from my site is because people were pinning steps to my patterns and these are part of my pattern process – which I do not want on Pinterest.  I love using Pinterest I just prefer to control what of my copyrighted content can be placed there.

Q:Why can’t you include the instructions with the pattern?

A: I want you to come to the website to get the instructions.  While the pattern is free to you I am able to pay for the website from traffic (meaning you visiting it).  You are welcome to print the instructions by printing the website page in your browser.  Many of my most popular patterns have the option to purchase instructions in out online store.

Q: Do You Have a Pattern for/ could you make a ___________

A: The short answer is no.  I am not sitting on a horde of patterns, which means what you see is what you get.     I don’t do requests because I like having creative freedom.  If you have a suggestion you are welcome to email it to me, and I will take it under advisement.

Q: Can I really sell completed items that I make from your patterns?

A:  Yes really!  All I ask is that on the tag (or if selling online) you give credit to www.FleeceFun.com – that’s it! And it must be a completed item – not the pattern.  You also must be a small business of 3 or less employees.

Q: Why Fleece?

A: It’s a great fabric, and well I have a ton of it in my closet and I needed to do something with it.  My craving during my last pregnancy was fabric and I am now have a closet full of fleece!

Q. How can I contact you?

A: if you would like to email me directly you can at angel(at) fleecefun.com

Q. Help I am having trouble printing! What’s wrong?

A. I am sorry.  Please consult a tech savvy friend.

Q. Why is The .pdf is giving me and error message?

A. First try reloading the page and see if that will work.
If for some reason the file isn’t downloading properly (you get a message saying the file is damaged) please update your adobe .pdf reader
After updating clear your internet cache and restart your computer.
You can also try using a different internet browser.

Q. Why is the  pdf not to scale in Google Chrome?

A. For some reason when you print the .pdf pattern in chrome it is shrinking the pattern (it insists on a border).  To have it print properly save it to your desktop and print from there


  1. Hi there.
    Love the site and really love the tutorials. I have one question about the Childs pants are you able to help me change that to an adult size is it just a case of expanding the pattern on the printer?

    Thnak you so much for your help in this matter.

    And the newletters are great.

    Have a Great Day

    1. Hi Colin,
      Unfortunalty it’s not just a matter Of “making it bigger”, when it comes to drafting it’s more complicated. Since I currently don’t have a pattern I recommend that you take some pants that you already have and use them as a template to make some pants.

  2. Hi, Thank you so much for sharing your patterns and recipes with us! I have shared on my facebook page…I’m really impressed! I do have a question though….is there a way to sign into an account or do we have to sign up for the newsletter every time we want to download a pattern? Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Once you subscribe and confirm cookie is placed on your computer allowing you to see all the patterns. If you delete that cookie you will need to resubscribe (or hit the confirm link again) to have the cookie back on your computer.

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