Fast Fleece Tie Tutorial (perfect for little boys).

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Hi everyone! My name is Amanda from AmandaRose I’m super excited to be here today on Fleece Fun. This tie is so cute and it looks easy to sew. Great way to get rid of those fleece scraps I have.I will be guest posting on here once a month for the next couple of months, and im really excited to show you what I have come up with it. I love to sew and spend time with my three little ones they are what keep me going.
Today I’m here to show you a fleece tie I thought it would be simple but not to hard and be cute for the little guy in your life.

So go ahead and grab what ever fleece you feel will be best for your little guy, and you want to cut it long and at the end a triangle piece you really don’t need a pattern its pretty simple…i’m telling you :o)

Place the two pieces together and sew it all the way around leaving the top open to flip right side out


at the top of the tie you are going to fold it to where the middle is coming up and the sides are going down.

Next you want to cut the top of the tie pieces out, do the same as the tie put the two right sides together and sew leaving both tops open….flip right side out.

take one side of the top piece and sew it on to the tie, flip it over and sew on the other side leaving the top opening piece open.

Measure your child’s neck cut the piece of elastic slip it through the top of your tie opening, sew the elastic ends together…guess what you’re done :o) YAH I told you it was easy!!

Thank you so much for having me apart of your fun blogging series excited for next months post, I have a bunch of tutorials on my blog AmandaRose and I love talking about life and test other amazing designer patterns


Amanda Rose

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