Finger-less Gloves Pattern

This Finger-less gloves pattern is easy!  These are so cute and they look really easy to make! I'm going to sew some!You can make adorable finger-less gloves in minutes with this free pattern and tutorial.

These gloves are perfect for pictures or play time.  This pattern is also a great scrap buster for those ruffle fabric leftovers that you don’t want to part with.

You will need:

1/4 – 1/3 third yard of knit ruffle fabric (this pattern needs the fabric to stretch so fleece will not work)


Jersey ball point needle

sewing machine

Sewing Essentials (pins, scissors, etc.)

Download the free pattern here, tutorial below.

You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here. By downloading  you are agreeing to pattern terms of use. Click the picture of the pattern envelope to download the .pdf !

Video tutorial here, written tutorial below.

Finger-less Gloves Pattern Tutorial

Step 1 –

Download the free pdf pattern  and print it up.  For instructions on how to assemble the pattern click here.  If you want a glove that goes just past the wrist cut at the pink dashed line.  for a longer glove leave the pattern the full size.  Lay the ruffle fabric out flat.  Make sure the ruffles are laying in the same direction.  Cut two of the pattern piece in the  size you desire.

Step 2 –

You can finish the ends of the glove if you want – but it’s and unnecessary step.  Fold the pattern piece in on it’s self so right sides are touching.  Sew one seam (using a .25 inch seam allowance) from the base of the glove to the side of the thumb.  Sew another seam from the side of the thumb to the top of the glove.  This should leave a hole for your thumb.  Turn right side out.  Finished!

Tips for adjusting the size – everyone’s hands are different.  You may want to adjust the seam allowance for a better fit.


  1. I’m using the adult sizes to make gloves for gifts this Christmas… looking at the adult large, it doesn’t look like I would be able to use it to make fleece gloves for men. Do you have any patterns for men? Thank you!

    1. Hi Kirstin,
      With this pattern the fabric needs to have a stretch to it. This is why it works well with the knit of the ruffle fabric. I can’t recommend trying it using fleece, as most fleece won’t have the stretch you need.

  2. There is plenty of stretch in fleece to make these! Fleece only stretches in one direction, so pull on the fleece and then make sure that the stretch is going to go side to side (thumb to thumb) rather than long ways (tips to cuff.) My daughter just made a pair and we are gonna rock some more.

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