Free Patriotic Printable Pinwheel (large) {The 1776 Collection}

These large pinwheels are great for centerpieces and other 4th of July decorations. free fourth of july pinwheel printable This Free patriotic printable pinwheel comes in multiple colors and patterns with coordinating middles to complete the effect.  This large pinwheels also looks great on wreaths!

 You can see all of the 1776 collection here.

Be sure to check out my tips for printing printables here is you are new to working with printables.

I’m releasing more printables all through the month of June so be sure to check back to grab the entire collection.

Download the free printable here.

You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here. By downloading  you are agreeing to  terms of use. Click the text below to download the pdf.

Video tutorial here, written below:

Large Pinwheels:

You will need:

The large pinwheel pdf , printed

Scissors, and or paper cutter

3.5  inch punch

hot glue gun and glue

.25 inch dowels that are 12 inches long


Print up the pdf

Cut out the pinwheel body with scissors, cut down the diagonal dashed line (stop at the end of the line

Punch out the large squares with you punch (be sure to center as best you can)

To build the pinwheel, start with one corner (the one with the black dot), place soem glue in the center and line up the dots so they are touching.  Repeat 3 more times to make the pinwheel.

Once the pinwheel is assembled glue the punch out in to the center of the pinwheel, and  glue the lollipop

Great in centerpieces with gumballs and a mason jar! (See bonus video below)

Tip: For smaller displays I used pint mason jars, for one large display (pictured) I used a quart jar.

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