Free Pirate Party Invitation Printable Tutorial

Here be a basic invitation printable that will excite yer guests.  Free pirate party invitation printable. Free printable and easy invitation ideas! This free pirate party invitation printable is perfect for setting the tone of your swash buckling adventure!  Easy to use and modify (use you photo editing software – or something free like Pic Monkey) to make it your own.  I like to print this up on a color laser printer to make the free pirate party invitation printable paper look nice.  After printing, trim off any white edges to make the whole page look old fashioned.  Also you can singe the edges a bit also (be very careful id you choose to do this).  I love the idea of adding some extras to the message in a bottle to add the excitement of the forthcoming adventure.  Your guests will not only get an invite, but a little taste of the fun that is to come.

For this pirate party invitation you will need:

Fleece Fun’s Free image

A wide necked bottle ( I got mine on Pick Your Plum)

Pirate patch


Doubloon Coins

Sea Shells

Pirate Party Invitation Printable Tutorial

Ideas for the Pirate Invite:

pirate party invitation items in the bottleUsing photo editing software – add your details to the free pirate party invitation printable. Then print up the invitation, fold it in half, roll it up and insert it into a bottle.  Add a Pirate patchTelescope, doubloon CoinsSea Shells and sand to complete the look.  Finally deliver to your guests for a jolly (roger) good time.  Tip: I had a few projects that I needed sand for so I just used “sandbox” sand from my local home improvement store.

Download the free pirate party invitation printable here:

Free Pirate Party Invitation courtesy of Fleece FunRight click the photo of the invite then select “save as..” to download the file. For personal use only, not for sale or mass distribution. This is on “loan” only you have no rights to resell or distribute this artwork.  For the PDF version click here.

Other Pirate Party Ideas:

Pirate party invitation printable

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