Free Printable Drive in theater large circles and tickets

This free printable drive in theater collection is for large circles (great for putting on popcorn) and for tickets. large punch pin me some of the tickets say admit one on them and other have a number “1” on them.  Idea:  Make your kids earn treats at the concession stand!  Have them earn tickets throughout the day that they can then use to purchase treats later!

To make the tickets and large punches your will need:

A print out of the free Drive in theater printable ticket sand punches pdf file (click here to get it)

Large 3.5 inch punch

popcorn boxes ( I got mine at a party supply store)


tape or glue stick

Step 1

Cut up the ticket. Using a punch, punch out the squares.

Step 2

Tape punches onto popcorn boxes or other concession items.  You could also use these as decorations around the house.

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