Free Printable Kids Explorer Journal

This is the perfect little booklet to take out on an adventure for kids explorers!  I love this free printable explorer journal! It's perfect for a kids'outdoor activity and an easy DIY to assemble. This idea is perfect for my upcoming family reunion.Simple print out from a single piece of 8 1/2 by 11 paper paper, snip and fold for a little journal that is perfect for taking notes and sketching.


Here’s how to make the Kids Explorer Journal:

Print up your explorer journal

How to fold your Journal


1 Print up the free pdf file (get that here)

2 fold in half length wise (pictures should be facing up)

3 unfold and then fold in half width wise (again pictures facing up, blank side touching)

4 unfold paper.  Using the lines as guides, fold in width wise the top and bottom quarters of the paper

5 unfold paper, then fold in half width wise, using the dashed line as a guide cut a hole in the paper

6 unfold the paper and begin to push the paper so it looks like step 7

7 fold the booklet so the cover is on the outside – now you’re ready for adventure!

Be sure to check out the explorer series here.





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