Free Sewing Printable – Don’t Dream it, Sew it!

Ever find yourself dreaming your stash away?  This free printable is perfect for my sewing space!! #sewing #sew #printableLet this sewing printable inspire you to start sewing your stash!  This fun 5 by 7 free sewing printable chalkboard look’s neutral decor is perfect for any sewing space.

Sometimes I feel this way about my projects.  I have the fabric, I have the notions…. I just need to sew it!  Often I sometimes feel like my stash is an unfulfilled wish.  I need to just start sewing and make things a reality.  Or sometimes I find myself wishing a dress had sleeves ( seriously I think designers are just getting plain lazy) or have a specific idea of what something should look like in my head ( like a pillow or a skirt).  I need to just take control and make it!  I
made this printable to have in my office and thought I would share it with you this week!  It has that fun chalkboard look that will go with any decor.   This free sewing phrase is 5 by 7 and looks great in and out of a frame.

Be sure to check out my tips for printing printables here if you are new to working with printables.

Download the printable here:

Click Photo of the Printable to download the file.  For personal use only, not for sale or mass distribution.  This is on “loan” only you have no rights to resell or distribute this artwork. You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here it’s the ONLY reader I recommend.

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