Some Fun Facts about Fleece

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Fleece has some interesting properties - and I love all the free patterns on her site!

Fleece is pretty amazing fabric.  How amazing?  It’s got an interesting history and properties.  I’ve made a fun info graphic to show some interesting things that you might not know about fleece:


  1. Could you please discuss “blizzard” fleece. In particular, what makes it different from anti-pill fleece. Thanks

    1. Blizzard is just a cheaper version of “polar” fleece. Polar being a copyrighted term by Polartec. Anti pill won’t pill after washing where some other fabrics can get the little balls after washing multiple times.

  2. Thanks so much for all your information. I’m from MN where it gets really cold so I’m already thinking about sewing fleece for the winter, I’m looking for more info about heavier fleece possibly also water and wind resistant.
    Also, I enjoyed reading more facts about fleece. Especially heartwarming– the story about Aaron Feuerstein who developed fleece but did not patent the process so the material could remain cheap for everyone.
    So, your site was not only informative but inspiring. Pretty good mix for a day of sewing.

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