How to Make a Rice Heating Bag

Learn how to make a rice heating bag with this easy video and instructions!  I love this idea! Will someone puh-lease make this for me? Maybe I'll just have to make one for myself!This heating pack is perfect!  Two large rice heating pack inserts with a cuddle fabric cover make for a relaxing heat pack that can sit on shoulders or warm feet!

I confess I hunch over my computer.  I also lift weights, heavy kids, grocery bags, clench my jaw, stress and cause my neck and shoulders to be in knots by the end of the day.  Here’s a wonderful solution:  a double heat pack. This handy rice heating bag can either lay flat across your shoulders or snap in half to be a foot warmer.  Designed with two removable rice bags for heating, this bag is a comfort at the end of a long, hard day.  Plus it makes a great gift.  Simple in structure this is a good beginning sewing item.

You will need:

1 yard cuddle fabric  in the example I used fabric from Shannon Fabric’s Dolce Vita collection.

1 yard muslin or plain cotton

1 large bag of rice

Thread, needle

Rotary cutter, ruler and mat (available here)

Sewing Essentials (scissors, pins, etc.)

Sewing Machine

Piece of paper


Video Tutorial Here, written below:

Step 1 – make the rice bags

You should never microwave cuddle fabric – it will ruin it.  So we’re going to make the bags that hold the rice out of cotton.  Cut 2 rectangles that are 16 inches by 32 inches. Fold each piece over on itself to make two squares. With right sides together sew all the way around using a half inch seam allowance, leaving a 2 inch gap for turning.  Turn right side out and using a piece of paper as a funnel  fill each bag with 3 to 4 cups of rice.  Using your machine, sew the gap shut.  Set bags aside

Step 2 – begin to make the bag.

Cut 1 piece of cuddle fabric that is 16 by 32 inches.  Then cut two pieces of fabric that are 16 inches by 17.5 inches wide.  Cut one more piece of fabric that is  16 inches by 12 inches.

Step 3 – Sew the bag together

Take the piece that is 16 by 12 and fold over each side that is 16 inches wide under 1 inch.  Sew down using a zig zag stitch along the edge.   Then  take each square that is 16 by 17 square and fold under one side (that is 16 inches wide) under 1 inch.

Step 4 – Bring it all together

Fold large piece of fabric in half and mark halfway point with pin. Next take the rectangle and fold it in half Mark with a pin.  Line up the pins with wrong sides of the fabric together Sew down the center of the small rectangle using a straight stitch.  Next pin the two squares to the large rectangle on either side With right sides together and the finished edged toward the middle.  Sew each side to the rectangle.  Trim the corner and turn right side out.

Next  Sew snaps to the interior of the bag in the corners and half way point.

Simply heat up the rice bag inserts put into the pocket s and enjoy.


You can unfold the bag to lay it across your shoulders or you can  snap it in half to insert our feet in-between the heat packs.

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I love this idea! Will someone puh-lease make this for me? Maybe I'll just have to make one for myself!


  1. Anything that goes into the microwave needs to be 100% cotton. The thread you use must be 100% cotton as well as the fabric.

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