How to make a towel wrap (tutorial)

This simple, easy towel wrap is perfect for the bath or the beach!how to sew a towel wrap tutorial learn how to make a towel wrap in five steps.   Made with Shannon Fabric’s soft terry cuddle, it’s perfect for lounging in.  Sponsored by Shannon Fabrics.

For the project you will need:

Cuddle terry (amount will vary depending on the measurements for the example it was 2/3 a yard)

Cuddle fabric ( again amount will vary depending on measurements for my daughter’s  wrap it was  less than an ¼ of a yard.)

Thread (preferable contrasting to the terry cloth – trust me)

1o inches of 1 inch elastic


Walking foot (recommended

5 to 8 inches Velcro™

Small plate


Rotary cutter, ruler and mat


Sewing Essentials (pins, scissors, etc.)

Sewing Machine

Video tutorial here, written below:


How to make a towel wrap (tutorial)

Step 1 – Take the measurements

You’ll need the following measurements to make this wrap – chest measurement.  Chest measurement should be high on the chest – a few inches above the nipple.  Length.  Measure from the approximate place of the chest measurement to where you want the wrap to fall (I recommend just above the knee).

Next  you will need to calculate the dimensions of the wrap.  To do that we’re going to do some basic math.  Take the chest measurement and add 6 inches.  So for my little girl she has  a chest measurements of 20 plus 6 the width of the wrap will be 26 inches.  For the length it will be the length plus 2 inches.  So again my little girl has a length of 18.5 plus 1.5 is 20.  So the final dimensions for my terry cloth will be 26 inches by 20 inches.

For the cuddle cloth we’ll be using  2 inch wide stripes for the binding. So using the dimensions above we’ll need to calculate the total length by 2X lengths and 2X widths will equal the amount of cuddle.  For my daughter’s towel that’s 26 + 26 + 20+ 20 = 92.  I need a two inch strip that is 92 ( +3 for overlap) inches in length total.  Since cuddle is typically 58 inches wide (60 minus the selvedge)  I know that I will need to cut two 2 inch stripes and join them and it will be a 116 inches long, perfect for covering the towel ( and less than an 1/8 of a yard!)

Step 2 –

Wash and dry the terry cloth before beginning the rest of the project.  It is critical that you do this as terry does shrink in the wash.  You can quickly zig zag along the ends to minimize fraying before you wash it.  Cuddle cloth doesn’t shrink and hence doesn’t need to be washed before sewing.

Cut the terry to dimensions you calculated. To give the wrap a little styling we’re going to make the corners curved.  Place a small plate on the bottom corners of the wrap and cut out the corners to make a curve.  Repeat on the top corners using a glass.  Set aside.

Cut the two inch lengths of cuddle you calculated.

Step 3 – Bind the terry.

Terry unravels – so the edges must be finished properly.   We’re going to use the cuddle cloth as the binding using an old machine binding trick.  Please watch the video tutorial below for detailed instruction on how to do this.

Step 4 – Make a casing.

Turn the top of the wrap down 1 and ¼ inches.  Pin.  Fold towel in half and mark the center with a pin .    Then unfold and layout.  Take your length of elastic and center it under the center pin.  Measure two inches out from the elastic on each side and mark with a pin.  This will be the casing for the elastic.

Using a walking foot.  Sew along the edge of the binding between the two pins you just marked – do not sew down the rest of the casing.

Next place a safety pin on the end of the elastic.  Thread elastic into the casing, line up the end of the elastic ( without the pin to the end of the sewn casing.  With the elastic sandwiched between the terry cloth, sew down the edge of the elastic.

Next using the safety pin, pull the elastic through the casing to the other side ( fabric should begin to gather as you stretch the elastic)  pulling the elastic taught and making sure the end of the safety pin is out of the way.  Sew down the other side of the elastic.

Finish sewing down the casing on either side.

Step 5 – Add the Velcro™

Cut 3 –  5 inches of Velcro..  Place the hook side of the Velcro on the inside left of the wrap.  Pin in place.  Next place the loop on the OUTSIDE right of the wrap.  Pin into place.  Sew down.  Trim threads and you’re finished!


  1. Really looking forward to whipping some of these out! I usually only follow written directions, and I am not seeing how to calculate the elastic measurement. Am I just missing it? Thank you for the awesome pattern!

    1. OOps, nevermind, I see the 10″ length listed in the supply list. My bad. But, out of curiosity, if you wanted to make an adult version, how much elastic would you need?

    2. Hmmmmm, you could probably get away with just ten. But perhaps as a rough rule of thumb half of the chest measurement. So if your chest measurement is 30 inches, have the elastic be 15. Also you might want the overlap to be a little more than 6 inches for an adult – 8 to 10 is my guess. Good luck with your projects!

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