How to invite your Facebook friends to an Event: Pirate party Timeline art!

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While I will be making some adorable physical invitations I think it’s always a good to invite people to events virtually too. pirte timeline pinnable So these days we send out physical invites and virtual one, just to have all our bases covered.  While I know most of you are “web savvy” some of you might still be getting used to all the features Facebook has to offer.  This tutorial is for you.

1. Download the timeline art

First things first.  You’ll want to download the free timeline art by clicking on the photo below, taking you to a page that just has the photo at full resolution, then  right click the image below and then selecting “save as” and save it to your computer. Print

2. Set up your event.

Log into Facebook.  Next to your “news feed” there are several small menu buttons – click on the “events” button.create event button box  It will take to you a page that shows you upcoming birthdays and other events you’ve been invited to.create eventbutton  box  Then click create event button. This box will come up.  create new  event boxFill in the details.  Unless you want your guests to be able to invite more people, I STRONGLY recommend that you uncheck the Guests can invite friends box.  ( For some reason it being checked is a default).  You can invite friends now  by clicking the “+invite” button in the bottom left corner or you can do that later by clicking “invite” just under the timeline photo to select your friends to invite.

 3. Set up your Timeline photo

Hover your mouse over the timeline photo a button will appear in the top right that says “Change Event Photo”. time line change photo click the button then select “upload photo…” . select photoThen navigate to where you saved the timeline photo, select it hit “open” and it should appear in your timeline all set to go!timeliine select photo


timeline finalHope you enjoy the free timeline art  I’ll be featuring some physical invitations soon!

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