Is the Bonnie Christine Immersion Course Worth it? (an Honest Review)

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Maybe you’ve seen the ads on Instagram or had an online friend talk about Bonnie Christine’s Immersion Course but what is it really and is it worth the price? Is it the right class for you to take and is it worth the price tag? I want to take you through my experience with the course to help you decide if it’s the right way for your to go.

Is Bonnie Christine Immersion course worth it? An honest review of my experience.

What is Bonnie Christine Immersion?

Immersion is a deep dive into the world pattern design and Adobe Illustrator. It is several lessons over eight weeks. By the time you have completed all the lessons, you will have the knowledge to create surface patterns that are professionally produced and ready to sell or use on products.

Summary: Yes I recommend the course if it’s feasible for you. You can learn more about it here. But if you want more details (along with some of the cons) read on.

Surface pattern design covers (literally) everything from fabric, carpet, plates, bags, packaging, wall paper, bedding and more. If you see something manufactured with a patten on it a surface pattern designer came up with that design.

Is Bonnie Christine Immersion course worth it? An honest review of my experience.

What Immersion is not

Bonnie Christine Immersion is not for the faint of heart or the dabbler. It is a serious course that takes not only asks for a monetary commitment but dedicated time as well. While it is excellent at breaking down complex things (I’m looking at you Adobe Illustrator), it does take time to learn a new (and valuable) skill. It’s on par with a college course in it’s content and time commitment.

Not only does it cover Illustrator and creating patterns but it covers multiple aspects of business such as:

  • Working in a non-destructive way
  • Importing High-Quality Artwork
  • Mini Collections
  • Pricing Guide
  • Printing Prototypes
  • Negotiating Contracts
  • How to Handle Rejection
  • E-commerce for Artists
  • Marketing Tools
  • Creating Effective Opt-Ins
  • Building a Community around your Art
  • Annual Planning

My story

I took Bonnie Christine’s immersion the first time in 2022. I had seen the ads on Instagram and checked out a couple of Bonnie’s classes on other platforms. I had seriously looked at it in 2021 but decided against it (and immediately regretted it once registration closed FOR A YEAR). This class is offered only once a year because not only do you get the lessons but you also get live support from an entire team of experts to help answer your questions as you go through the course. Running into an issue? No problem – support is there to guide you through.

Is Bonnie Christine Immersion course worth it? An honest review of my experience.

So when my chance to enroll came around in 2022 I jumped on it. And to be honest it opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me.

As a sewing pattern designer I regularly use Adobe Illustrator and this course taught me things that I didn’t know. In fact Bonnie Christine’s Immersion got me so comfortable with Adobe Illustrator that it’s my go to program for graphics and other work. Photoshop it now a distant second.

After completing the course the first time I was confident enough to start making and selling products online. I began small with stickers.

I then designed my acrylic template. And thanks to my handy new skills I could easily design the packaging for it too.

I then branched out into sew in labels, pins and washi tape using my designs.

Because of the course I was able to make files fit the specs needed and work at a professional level with print shop, and manufactures overseas.

I never would have felt confident enough in my abilities if it wasn’t for this course and supportive community.

I have some other items on my bucket list, like a fabric collection, wallpaper and more. It might take a little time but I know I’ll get there thanks to all of the things I’ve learned from Immersion.

The bottom line is: thanks to my online sales the course has paid for itself many times over. You can learn more about it here.


Bonnie Christine has cultivated a community of kindness, support, a generosity. During the course you can connect with others in the community and enjoy the support from other students and alumni.

Is Bonnie christine immersion worth the cost?

Immersion is one of the few online courses I’ve taken that I feel like I got more than I paid for. The course is generous with it’s information. It’s not just an Illustrator course, but it also touches on subjects like licensing, collections and other forms of illustrating. Is it an investment? Yes. Is is worth it? Absolutely. BUT and it’s a very big BUT… there are some downsides.

The downside of the Immersion Course

The course is expensive and it requires that you use the desktop version of Adobe Illustrator. So if you don’t already use Illustrator or have a computer that can handle a robust graphic heavy program it won’t work for you. If you don’t have time to invest in a several weeks long course, it won’t work right now. Also if you genuinely aren’t interested in art or creating it’s not your cup of tea.

Is Bonnie Christine Immersion course worth it? An honest review of my experience.

A litmus test to see if you like Bonnie’s teaching style is to take the free class that she’s offering right now. You can get a rough idea of teaching style, and if you think it’s the right path for your to pursue. You can learn more details here.

Learn More about Immersion

Sign up is only once a year

Invest in yourself and your art.


How much is Bonnie Christine Immersion for 2024?


I’m not great at drawing by hand – will it work for me?

Me neither! You can create patterns using all kinds of techniques – and Bonnie shows you how.

What if I’m not interested in Fabric Pattern Design?

While the course focuses on creating a fabric collection all of these skills spill over into stationary, wrapping paper, wall paper, dishes, and more. Pattern Design isn’t just fabric.

Can’t I just take some Illustrator courses off of Skill Share?

Yes you can, but you won’t have live support, or a class with a focused goal. This class will push you to finish and give you structure. Illustrator is a very powerful and complicated program. With the focus on pattern design and creation you’ll learn to use Illustrator with that focus so you won’t get lost in the weeds with it’s other capabilities.

Where can I learn more about Immersion?

You can read up all about it here.

Who is Bonnie Christine?

Bonnie Christine is a Surface Pattern Designer and Teacher. One of her passions is teaching others the tools and techniques that have brought her financial independence and success in a home based business.

Is Bonnie Christine Legit?

Yes. Her classes are information packed, and she is a champion for her students. She has a positive outlook with such phrases as “There’s room for you” and “10 seconds of courage”. She is about fostering a community of kindness, support and professionalism.

Is the Bonnie Christine Immersion Course Worth It?

If you have a genuine interest in the world of surface pattern design, yes the course is absolutely worth it. The course is on par with a college course in terms of it’s content and time commitment. It is not for the dabbler.

What is Bonnie Christine’s Secret?

Here’s the really cool thing about Immersion, Bonnie doesn’t keep any secrets. She shares everything. Her secret sauce is that she lets you in, into her methods and studio.

is there a Bonnie Christine Immersion coupon Code?

Sorry friend. There is no special secret discount to the course. BUT once you are an alumni of the course if you want to retake it you can at highly discounted rate.

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