Little Girl Tie on Collar Tutorial

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Hey everyone i’m Amanda from AmandaRose i’m excited to be here today and show you what I came up with this month. A tie on collar for your little girl in your life, I didn’t have any good fleece on hand so I used felt but fleece would work just as awesome with this collar :o). You can use any fabric with this tutorial but I like felt or fleece because it holds up it shape with out having to but interfacing or anything with it.
Tie on Collar Tutorial….



Felt or Fleece
So I took a peter pan collar apart on one of my daughter’s old blouses and used it as a template and I made it for it is one long piece not cut 4 you cut 2.
Cut your pattern out I don’t know how to make PDF’s yet 🙁 i’m trying to learn but it’s like a third language to me and I don’t even know a second language…for real, i’m lost lol….but fold your fabric in half and cut two out of either the felt/fleece and then you can cut one out of a cotton fabric but, I just cut two of the same fabric.
When you cut your two collar pieces out they should look like this, super simple super easy….and your using scraps to make this, I love when you use little fabric and something amazing comes out of it.
 Place the two together if you have a print fabric place right sides together sew all the way around but leaving an opening so you can flip right side out…..
before you flip right side out you need to clip all the corners so when it’s turned right side out it will look smooth and not wonky looking. clip clip clip clip more the clipping the better the collar :o)
Once you flip right side out you want to hand sew the 2 inch opening you flipped the collar through then, with the ribbon you can either sew them on or I just hot glued them and they’re stuck on there good 🙂 Now you can be done leave it just like that because its super cute already or you can added some flowers to it.
you can find out how to make these cute flower’s HERE I have a tutorial from a couple years back on these flower but since changing my blog name the link wont work so I have to go back and change all the link :(. So this diy flower post here will help you if you need help making them :o)


Thank you so much for having me i’m so excited to be here for the next couple of months if you want to see more of me or my tutorials head over to AmandaRose. I hope you like what I created my daughter loves it she thinks it’s so unique :o)
Amanda Rose

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