How to make creative business cards: My Process

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creative business cards  pinnableI went to a conference this last weekend.  It had great classes, fun activities and … and business card competition!  When SNAP announced it’s creatvie business cards competition I confess I was excited.  I had been kicking around a couple of ideas for a different way to present my card.  After bouncing a few ideas off my husband, he suggested that maybe I include a pattern with my card – since that’s a big part of my blog.  From that suggestion I spring-boarded onto this idea – why not just have it all ready to go?  The only trouble was finding a place that printed on fleece.

The majority of “print on demand” fabric places only printed on cotton – not really what “Fleece Fun” is about.  Then I found these guys – Fabric on Demand and they print on fleece!  Being able to print to scale was crucial  for my card.  I briefly talked with them to make sure I could get it to scale and asked for tips on minimum font size etc.  Then it was time to design.

how to make a no sew fleece flowerOnce I knew I could have it printed and the parameters I needed to follow it was time to design.  Since I didn’t want to start from square one I took one of my old no-sew patterns and began to tweak it.  I made the pattern smaller and then simplified the design.  Since I didn’t want to add ribbon to each package, I changed the design to only need a strip of fleece to bring it all together. curved edges bussiness card dragt bussiness card prototrypes Once I had that figured out I printed it up on paper and cut out samples to make sure that it looked good and would work.  Realizing there would be unused “white space” I put my logo in there figuring I might be able to use it later. Then I crossed my fingers and sent Fabric on Demand my design.  Ordering 3 yards of fabric!

fabric business cardAfter waiting for a couple of week I got my fabric.  Now I just had to cut it up.  fabric business card cut out peices Cut them out with my rotary cutter and mat, then scissors for the rest.  It took a while.  crative business card packageThen I had put mini scissors (found them on Ebay) and a clip ( Hobby Lobby) in each one and fold it.  That took several nights of watching TV and folding up cards.

The last thing I did make video showing how to put the flower together.

I handed out my cards at the conference.  Everyone I handed them to was surprised to find them covered in fleece!  Some friends told me that they heard other people talking about my card – eek!  At the end of the conference they announced the winners and…… I didn’t even place.  But the fact that my card was memorable, was true to my brand, and clever made  it a winner.  When people go through their pile of cards mine will stick out. 😉

fabric business card cut out



  1. the flower is really cute & the whole idea very creative. do you have a pattern for the “envelope” part? or just the dimensions would do. thanks

    1. Hi Sandy,
      I currently don’t have a pattern for the envelope. It was 7″ wide and at the highest point 7 inches tall. Honestly what I did was play around with a piece of fleece until I liked the end result and then used that as a springboard for the final design.
      – Angel

    2. Angel, thanks for the quick answer. My main craft thing is jewelry but I love your patterns for my grandkiddos. I think your little fleece enclosure would be great to package jewelry in.


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