Monster Finger Puppets Tutorial

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Hi, I’m Stephanie and I blog at about sewing and crafts for myself and my kids. long pinWith two kids, I’m all about short and easy projects that are fun to make. It’s even better when they entertain those kids once I’m done! Handmade toys are my favorite thing to sew; there is something special about seeing kids play with something you’ve made.
Finger puppets are quickly becoming a big hit around here; I love that they’re easy to slip into the diaper bag for distraction on the go. If your little one would rather look at the puppets as they make them move, they’re easy to slip on to a pen or pencil too. Making up stories and play-acting are great winter activities when you’re stuck inside, so sew up some monsters and stick them in someone’s stocking this year!

Printable Fabri-Solvy Sheets (or other transfer method)
Printed PDF pattern of monsters
White, black, orange, & pink embroidery floss
Embroidery needle
Fabric marking pen
• 3 different colored felt sheets (I recommend wool-blend felt, it sews up much better than the acrylic, cheap stuff!)

Step 1

image11. Print out the pattern on to the Fabri-Solvy, cut out a rough outline around each monster and stick it to the felt.

Step 2

image 22. Embroider the faces! I used a simple backstitch for all the shapes and a satin stitch to fill in the eyes. Wool blend felt has great body, no need to use a hoop.

Step 3

image 33. Use sharp scissors to cut carefully around the monster bodies. Peel/cut off the excess fabri-solvy where large chunks remain, and then swish the monsters in warm water to dissolve the remaining stabilizer. Let dry.

Step 4

4. Lay the monsters back on the felt sheet and use a fabric pen to trace around it, cut out the second body.

Step 5

5. Choose coordinating embroidery floss and lay the monsters wrong sides together, blanket stitch around the edges and you’re done!
Once you’ve made some monsters, get more inspiration and get busy. I share lots of tutorials and patterns on my blog – you might want to check out my DIY Buckle Toy Tutorial , Toy Superhero Cape,toy superhero cape and Little Photographer Camera.little photographer camera pattern Hope you have the opportunity to sew up some fun for the kids in your life this holiday season!
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