New Free Pattern: Elsa Frozen Cape DIY

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I know it’s unusual for me to post a new tutorial on Sunday – but I have to get this one out to share with you before Halloween!Elsa-and-Anna-Walking A couple weeks ago I made an adorable Snow princess cape inspired from Disney’s Frozen. Well now it’s time to make a Snow Queen cape!

It was funny, after looking at my two little girls’ costumes I realize that anyone dressing up like Elsa was going to be FREEZING while trick or treating, and all the Anna’s would be fine. Well the cold might now have bothered Elsa – but it sure is going to bother my little 6 year old. So I designed this little jacket with a detachable cape section to it. Designed to add some warmth to the shoulders but not cover up the costume I think it’s a good fit. This little shrug jacket gapes open so you can see the costume underneath.elsa-cape-tutorial

I was determined to get this tutorial out this week. So I got my girls all dressed, hair done with a little touch of make up ( I don’t usually let them wear make up but it was a bribe to get them to do the photo shoot). I scooped up my 17 month old and we piled into the car. We got to our location and the wind picked up horribly. I cursed the sky – the wind kept blowing. I told my daughter who was dressed as Elsa to make the wind stop. My six year old looked at me funny and said “But Mom, I’m not really Elsa.”


I did manage to get a few good shots in, despite the wind. My girls were troopers. Out of all of my pictures. I have to say this is my favorite:

elsa and anna embrace


After all there is nothing like the love of a sister.

You can get the Snow Queen Jacket ( Elsa inspired) tutorial here.
You can find the Anna Cape tutorial here.  I just added a size 2 ro 3.  So Now it’s in sizes 2 to 9)
I will be adding the Anna hat later this week.

Elsa cape tutorial pattern


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