New Video Tutorial! The Ruched Pillow

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Have you ever come back to a project a few years later, taken a good look at it and gone ‘what the heck was I thinking?’. ‘Why did I do it that way?’.  I had that moment when I went to make a video tutorial for the Ruched pillow pattern. ruched pillows 1 I printed up and assembled my pattern and thought “what idiot designed this?!”  So not only do you get a video tutorial you get a new pattern that is designed a little smarter that required less paper!

In the video tutorial I use micro suede courtesy of Shannon Fabrics.  This pattern works for many different material.  Actually it’s kind of fun to see how different fabric looks a little different with the same patternruched pillows all. This handy dandy video tutorial will now make it easier to make this classic pillow.  You can get Fleece Fun’s FREE ruched pillow pattern and video tutorial here.


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