Pirate Party Sign Printable

Add to the fun ( and comfort) of your pirate party with this fun Jumbo sign!  This free pirate Party sign printable says “Land Lubber’s Dry Dock.  Avast ye scurvy dogs!  pirate-party-printableThis be a dry zone!  Nothin’ wet past this point.  By order of Black Beard. ”

For our pirate party I had our porch designated as the dry zone  for the adult to enjoy some snacks and (dry) conversation, while the kids played water games in the yard (you can check out my water game ideas here).

This sign is big – so you will need to order an “engineering” print from your local print shop.  The printable is designed to fit 2 on a single print.

For this project you will need:

Fleece Fun’s free printable (see below) printed on an engineering print

Minwax finishing wood cloths (optional – but it looks cool)

A regular sized piece of foam core.

14′ long 3/8″ manila rope (I bought a package of it at Home Depot)

Spray on adhesive

Glue gun and glue sticks

X-acto knife, ruler (rotary cutter – optional)

Pirate Party Sign Printable Tutorial

Step 1 – Print up the Sign

Get the printable printed up.  Because this is large  you’ll need to have it printed at a place that does engineering prints.  I use my local Office Max – you can even upload the file online and then they’ll tell when it’s ready to pick up.  Make sure that what you’re printing is and engineering print and not a full color poster – to print this up it cost me under $4.00 but a color poster would cost me $40.00!  Big difference –  always ask and double check.

Step 2 – Tint the posterpirate party game wipe on

You can just leave the poster black and white and skip this step.  But this is really easy and fun to do and adds a lot of “character” to the poster.  Since the poster is a plain black and white , to give it a more “wood”  look  wipe it with furniture staining cloths.  I used Minwax’s stain cloths, they run under $8 have 8 wipes in them and include gloves. (Confession –  I got these for free in a swag bag).   For the poster it took about 1 cloth to cover it.  Don’t worry about it being perfectly even – it adds to the look!    Let the poster dry for at least 2 hours – I let mine dry overnight.

Step 2 – Tint the poster

hook game tintedUsing the spray on adhesive spray the wrong side of the print and glue it to the foam core.  Once the adhesive is dry.  Cut away an excess foam core on the sides using either your x-acto knife or rotatory cutter.  Tip:  I like to use a rotary blade that’s starting to get too dull for fabric use – by using it on foam core it will definitely be

Step 3 – Finishing Touchespirate party game rope glue on

With board flat, glue the all the way around the edge to finish the look.  Cut slits into the top and bottom and thread rope thru to tie to a post.

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Download the Printable Below:

You can get a free copy of Adobe reader here. By downloading  you are agreeing to pattern terms of use. Click the picture below to download the .pdf ! Click photo of the sign to download the file.  For personal use only, not for sale or mass distribution.  This is on “loan” only you have no rights to resell or distribute this artwork.  Files is on the large side – be patient
land download

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